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I don´t know why in my past review couldn´t leave the photo guys, but hopefully it shows now! I only bought a sample for now, but for sure I will buy the full or half pot of my favorite colors. So,here it is..


I don´t know why in my past review couldn´t leave the photo guys, but hopefully it shows now! I only bought a sample for now, but for sure I will buy the full or half pot of my favorite colors. So,here it is..

So pigmented!

If you want to try this amazing brand(I´m not paid or anything) for nothing of the world, hesitate!, I order just samples to know the brand, and how was going to behave in my lids! Because I saw youtube tutorials and like them! and I don´t don´t regret it!! I´m so happy, because they are at a great prize, the texture silky,and in particular this color it´s similar to sugarpill´s goldilux, leave a picture, hope it helps!

Multi looks!!

Eso significa para mi esta paleta, puedes tener infinidad de looks de maquillaje con esta paleta: Sexy, Natural, Elegante, Clásico..Me moria por tenerla y jugar con ella, y definitivamente es un must si te gusta maquillarte! Los colores tienen una linda calidad y pigmentación. Me encantó. The title it is what does means to me, multi makeup looks!, sometimes you can achieve, sexy with a cute liquid eyeliner look, or natural if you want to keep it simple, or elegant for night, also clásic with nude or peach lips, I was dying to put my hands and buy this baby! And it´s a must for every artist or addict!

Not what mines would wear!!

Im so facinated by this shade/color, its the perfect summer lipgloss/lipstick combination for me, my skin its normally dry, but I dont have any of that issues. I have the new presentation because I just bought them two weeks ago in Camera Ready Cosmetics, San Diego store for 14.50dlls ea. First its a little glossy but once its dry it is like satin. It stays on me for about 5hours aprox.


I just bought five shades and its true all the good stuff I have heard, read and see!!, but got stay with the truth. This shade did dry out my lips so bad, I was really surprised because I exfoliate my lips, put balm, and didnt help, so at the end of my day I was left with lots of dead skin in my lips, had to scrub them, also with my toothbrush, and put lots of balm, so it is weird because I have not had that problem with the rest of the lip tars, and its sad because I loved the shade, so maybe Im going to try something that looks a like, maybe digitalis..

Hot weather

Hey, I live in a 100-115F uber hot weather in summer, so when I don´t have much time to do looong skin routine: I just wear sunscreen and on top the HW and the color it´s perfect for my pale skin, it´s a little pricey for being a drugstore foundation but if you have normal or dry skin, the weather it´s unexplaineable and you want to protect from the odious wrinkles buy it! I normally put it with a eco tools face brush, but if there´s humidity I actually use the sponge pressing the powder against my face so my skin absorbs it.


Hi! If you are a Cruelty Free girl, and looking for a creamy base with a wide range of colors and affordable price, easy blending, this is it! For my dry skin it is perfect because I always need hydrate cosmetics, but if you have oily skin or lids, maybe you want to skip moisturizer when using it. Milk its my everyday product, it has tons of ways to use it, in the eyelids in the inner corners, cupids bow, brow bone, up my brows, water line..great right??

I´m another girl that loves a NAKED day!

I accept, I fell at her feet!!! It has matte and shimmer eyeshadows, and I don´t think it´s only for everyday natural makeup! No way, darkhorse and gunmetal are also for a special and important event! Oh and the silky smooth so beautiful done! It is a must, a clasicc, and the eyeshadow brush it´s great too!! I love all cruelty free stuff so Definitely I CHEER for this palette!

I have both!

BRONZE RAYS: They can't name it better! It is a bronze & pearl marble design too! And it's great for all skin tones! Because I use it now that I just came back from the beach, and also if I'm faking the tan he! he! & gives you a gold shimmer without being to obvious! Last all day long! No funny smell, just doesn't have a scent. And I lv it too!!

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