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Beauty Product Reviews

Just Bought This

finely walgreens in my area got them I got the Golden Red 2213 and love it the quality pigment long wear was great, It wasn't tacky, sticky thick, it was very smooth cream a build able color you can swipe it on in thin layer for sheer or dab on more color for a darker colors and still have a nice look with out it feathering smearing and wearing off to fast. Very moisturizing to your lips after 5 hours it was still on like it was when I put it on and I drink allot off coffee and it wasn't all over my cup. I highly recommend this for the price I can honestly size it up against high end.

AMAZING I have to use this all the time

With this never worry it truely lives up to it's claims , If your someone like me have some problems with thin nails always breaking spitting this makes all that a thing of the past.

MIRACLE Boots Line Everything and This too

Does lots more than it even claims, evens out skin tone, lift firm tones skin,deminises pores,less than a weeks your seeing major huge changes for the better, any acne scares will disappear. Another great product like everthing else Boots makes. Oh genial and soft sent doe not irate .

Another GREAT Product from Boots

I was so shocked every time I would buy a few items from the Boots line of things they made and I find myself going back buy more tile finely I never let myself run to low on anything of their cause this product and many many more of their products are MUST HAVES. Not only do es what it claims but the price is affordable. Great gifts cause no one will be disappointed with anything from Boots line.

Really Love this Foundation

I am always on the hunt for good makeup and foundation that matches me usually is a lil hard but this goes on and marries right to your skin ton even when you buy a shade or 2-3 off it evens out very nice, very light feeling non oily feeling smooth flawless finish and lasted me all day I use sunscreen,and moisturizer and face primers under my makeup, but I wanted to go to the gym with just only this foundation on and was surprised how well it stood the test.It's a regular use of foundation for me.

Problem Nails of Any kind Your Troubles Are Over

This is some amazing line of products, not only is this keep your nails looking good or 3wks plus but also will help those whom have problems,weak,thin,peeling,cracking, ridged nails. My sister is really sensitive to everything even me LOL but for real she can use this line with no issues what so ever.

Miracle For Protecting and Keeping Lovely Looking Nails for wks on end....

I absolutely LOVE this AMAZING brand ,I bought this one first and was so immeditaly impressed how strong to start off it made my nails but mail any brand of nail polish last for weeks,even after my nails grew out like 3 wks later maybe 4 wks my nails didn't have any chips or dings whats so ever looked like I just polished and designed my nails. So I bought the other items in their line and they to are just as good. If you have problem nails ,thin,peeling,ridged,ect.. you got to use this your worries will be over while your nails recover.

I have all of this line LOVE Them all

I am a long time Vetren to WetNWild, use to buy it when I was in JR.High High School,Collage, and at 43 years old I still bust butt to get everything they come out with. Not just because of the price is a great and is a number one part of the reason but the main main reason is the quality. My self I thingk the quality is better than Mac. I have lots of all make up brands but this is the company (MarkWins international) I use and grab for the most.