Beauty Product Reviews

Nice travel set

I needed a brush set for traveling. I have collected a good amount of expensive, quality brushes over the years and hate traveling with them for fear of them breaking. I was going to buy a complete Sigma kit (for about $149), until I saw this set during the holidays. I think MAC finally listened to all the complaints over past LE brush sets, because these are of a lot better quality. I bought all 3 to have a complete brush set, and use some more than others. It's all personal preference with the way I apply my makeup. Pros: ~ Adorable brush handle ~ Have washed numerous times and experience minimal shedding ~ A complete brush set ~ The brushes that need to be stiff, are stiff. Those that should be fluffy, are fluffy. ~ I don't mind the short handle, it's easier to apply eye shadow when using a small mirror with the shorter handle. ~ Are made of the same fibers that their full size counterparts are made of

Cons: ~ Mass produced, machine made, no problems yet, but I doubt they will last as long as their normal brushes ~ The bag is ugly & flimsy. One of the seams by the zipper broke already ~ I wish one of the sets included a pencil brush. I use one daily ~ The handles are fat and many wont fit in a brush roll (i'm going to attempt to make one with fabric & seam tape)

Overall I think they are worth the money if you need a travel set. I only used these every day to get used to them, figure out my needs & to break them in a bit. I would not recommend them for every day use for fear of them breaking sooner.

Love it!

I love gel liners, but all the one's I've owned would dry up quickly (like a month after purchase) I was able to use lashline for a good 4 months before I noticed it started drying up, and about 8-9 months when I had to revive it a bit. It applies nicely with an angled brush or flat tip brush, doesn't skip, doesn't budge on the waterline & it works great as a lower lash mascara.

By far my favorite foundation.

Powders can be too drying, and liquid never looks right on me. I searched & searched for years for the perfect HG foundation & I finally found it last December. I am now on my second. that's right one compact lasted me about 9 months. I believe it's because I use a stippling brush to apply it. I find I get the best coverage with a stippling brush. I don't always use primer or setting powder with this compact & I still get a nice clean finish. It's hydrating, buildable, doesn't cake, and real goes on smoothly.