Beauty Product Reviews

Great idea, but does it really work?

I love the shade-shifting idea of this gloss, but I don't think its perfected. The color comes out by the warmth of your body, so I don't know about you, but my body stays pretty much the same temperature all the I always get a bright pink!

Last foreverrrrr!!!

TooFaced Shadow Insurance is the perfect primer for your eyeshadow. And I do my makeup EVERYDAY and use my Shadow Insurance EVERYDAY and my first tube (retails at $18.00) last for about TWO YEARS! Its amazing and its a great way to avoid shadow creasing. But of course, you want to use good eyeshadow but I've seen it work wonders for my friends, in which I saw their shadow creased like crazy so I bought them a tube! I love it and I think its the best primer out there. I do think it works better for "dry" eyes, meaning not oily eyes. I think if you have oily eyes, you might have a better chance with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Just my opinion though!