Beauty Product Reviews

Hands down my favorite pencil liner

Super pigmented and stays on or a long time without smudge! ofcourse I do set it with powder because I have oily lids and skin but this liner works best for me and I have been through alot of liners!

is it a great liner? yes because the glitter stands out and sticks. but it comes on thick and sadly i am one of those people that have sensitive skin and eyes so my 3rd time using it i did get a bit of a swollen eye lid.

Not my favorite. Does it lengthen? yes but doesnt do much for volume. If you wear contacts or have sensitive eyes because it does have fall out and can get into your eyes and irritate it. It also clumps up throughout the day so it isn't my cup of tea. It does work though, I'll admit it does lengthen my lashes and that's the point but it isn't something I'd wear all day maybe only for a few hours.

I actually use this conditioner but as a tub version. It is my holy grail conditioner. I have dry ends and an oily scalp that tangles sooooo easily but this conditioner softens and helps me manage my tangles. Love it! I have a review on it on my blog also because I love it so much!