Beauty Product Reviews

its only nice if you like waxy lips

its cute packaging got everyone but its way to waxy to do any moisturizing but they smell really good I bought 7 and honestly they are now my sons toys lol

I use the color fair in this foundation. It blends well to me, and it lasts long with full coverage. I only need to use a little bit of concealer with this, i use it on top of sheer envy primer, and it lasts all day. Now for the cons, well I have dry skin, and sometimes it gets flakey. I have also found that whenever i use it with a foundation brush or stippling brush it makes me look dry, and cakey, BUT when i use my fingers it gives me a flawless look and works very well. Overall i like it and its my first bottle, i may or may not be getting a new bottle but it depends, because I am still trying to find a good drugstore brand foundation.

I have dry skin, and i use the sheer envy primer. its my first ever primer, so I like it. I think its nice, and it makes my foundation and makeup stay on longer, it has made my skin feeling very soft and that's even after i take it off. A little goes a long way, like for my face, all i need is a dime sized amount and sometimes that's too much, so it goes a long way for your money. It does make it easier to cover blemishes and imperfections, like before i used this i needed to use a lot of concealer to cover some of my blemishes and scars, but after using this i don't need to use concealer all that much now all i put on is a dab here and there and it works for me great. The only cons i have about this product is, I don't like the feeling of it on my hands when it dries, i'm weird i don't like the way somethings feel sometimes. Other than that I love it its great!

I like this eyeliner, it use to be my go to eyeliner (ive bought 3). It dries a little on the slow side, and after I just put it on I open my eyes I had a black line on my eye shadow, a big downer... It is hard to do a winged eye look with it, and trying and trying with this I still didn't find it very easy, and whenever i would wear fake lashes I had a really hard time getting the glue to stick on it, and trying to cover the band to hide it was also very difficult in my opinion. So i found a new eyeliner fave. I would recommend it for beginners, but you really need a steady hand if your trying to have a really straight line, and for basic looks its great, but this wasn't the product i absolutely adore but i like it .

i like it, a little def goes a LONG way. its very wet and a tiny sticky. i use it as an eye shadow base so my shadow stays longer but for that it creases a little if you put too much. and it can be cakey if you use to much. i dont like the way it feels on my fingers it feels powdery when it dries and i hate that feeling on anything. the pencil is great for covering blemishes because its a dryer consistency but i use it a lot but i think i love/like it there even... i would recommend it i use the color lite and its a little lighter, if i dont use my blush&bronzer ill look really pale though.

do your own acrylic nails

i liked these nails, you need to get the hang of it and practice makes perfect. The first time you use them is very easy and they last 2 weeks and you can put nail polish over them and they look really nice.