Beauty Product Reviews

Huge bag!!

I love this bag! Its really much larger then I expected which makes it totally worth the price. Just what ive been looking for♡

Great little brush!

When I first got this brush, I wasn't impressed. Its half the size of a typical brush and was kinda bushy. I have like 4 eyebrow hairs so I like my brow brushes tiny. After about a week, I was hooked! You can actually blend your brows with this brush. Its real dense and gets thru the brow hairs but its not hard. I will for sure be buying another one!!

can't Live without! !

I have no idea how I ever did makeup without this product. I do lots of Eye Swatches for Indie Brands and my eyes would get so dry and crack and almost bleed. The moment I used this product my eyes thanked me! There are tons of uses for this product and its worth every cent!!

I buy them over and over

These Lashes are hands down my fav from Sugarpill. I am able to use them at least 3 times. Love how big they make my eyes look!! Perfect for Almond shaped eyes. I have never had a pair that Shed or fell apart.