Beauty Product Reviews

I will not be purchasing this product again.

I bought the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Starter Kit from Ulta for about $25. The Kit included the : Hair Milk Conditioning Co-wash, Original Leave-in Moisturizer, Lite Leave-in Moisturizer, and Hair Milk Pudding. Being a naturally curly headed girl, I was very interested in trying this product, especially since the box stated that the product would give me "Simple. Perfect. Curls"... After using the products provided in the starter kit, I can say that my hair came out "defined"... However, I was very disappointed with the crunchy and dry state that it left my hair feeling and looking. For the amount of money that I spent on this product, I would have never imagined my hair to feel and look so thirsty. If you are looking for defined, dry, thirsty looking hair then this product might be for you. The results of this product in my hair and the price that I paid for it does not begin to match up. I would not recommend Carol's Daughter Hair Milk to any of my friends.