Beauty Product Reviews

very nice pencil

very nice lip liner, but on my lips the color is different from the photo that was announced for Charlotte Tilbury,this lip pencil of good pigmented and good color fastness and wear on the lips.

very controversial eyeshadow palette for me

very beautiful and pleasant packaging design, it will look beautiful on the dressing table, but the eyes shadows personally me a controversial product. green olive color in dream glow set is not the same on eyes as in the palette :( a set called seduce glow seemed to me not very good quality, there is practically no color and only sparkles remain in the eyes, and also turns into one dirty spot during the day. the set called love glow is the most pigmented in this palette and lasted well all day, did not turn into one color spot at the end of the day. it so good for me. a set called happy glow of medium pigmentation, it also held up well all day and did not roll into the creases of the eyelids, this is also good for me. the colors for which I bought this palette (green and blue) turned out to be not what I expected, but other colors are quite good in quality, so this palette is a controversial product for me personally.

very nice shine

very little tingling on the lips, but the gloss is very pleasant I love this lip gloss for the fact that he makes the image gentle Приятный и нежный полупрозрачный блеск, есть маленькое покалывание на губах, но чувство дискомфорта не вызывает, делает натуральный образ макияжа ещё более нежным. Вообщем довольна покупкой :)

Довольно пигментированный блеск

Думала что будет более с розовинкой, но на деле оказался более коричневый, пигментированный и в наборе с карандашом этого же оттенка смотреться ярко . Качество хорошее и на губах ощущается приятно.

I am very happy with this purchase

since I work as makeup artists and I have my own blog about cosmetics, I am very pleased with this purchase! another important thing is that all the orders came to me in excellent condition, there weren’t any breakdowns and flaws! it is very pleasing! :)