Beauty Product Reviews

for me this product is great on its own, it gives a nice sheer cover and just makes skin look fresh. with foundation its a big no no! no matter how much I buff it in, it always ends up separating on my skin a few hours later.

This gloss has the nicest texture, its thick but not sticky ,it looks like a deep peachy pink with gold flecks in the packaging. On the lips it translates to a sheer pink with gold a shimmer. The result is very pretty and subdued look. I love it!

love it!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a bright pink blush. It’s playful and girly and really gives a pop of color on a gloomy winters day. It’s a great all year round blush, u can play with the intensity, looks good on both light and dark complexions

I am loving how this oil makes my skin feel, soft and toned.It ‘s a wonderful natural product with the most energising scent!!! The trick is to apply it on moist skin , followed by a light splash of cool water, what can be a better fresher wake up call

I just applied the creme on my skin and I love how you have to first warm up the crème between your hands to release the active ingredients. Just makes the LA MER experience more exciting.. I like the consistency and texture of the crème, its quite thick, my skin feels very moisturized. I have very sensitive skin, and usually most products sting for a few minutes after application. However this product feels very soothing and cooling . It’s pricey, but I think a 30ml tub( I purchased this tub) would last 2 months or more. So a little definitely goes a long way.