Billy B

Master Paint Brush Collection


Billy B on his makeup brush collection and secrets to success

To celebrate the relaunch of his makeup brush line, Billy B stopped by our studio to say hi, talk more about his beloved collection, and share honest, inspiring career advice in true Billy form. Don’t miss the story starting at 1:00, in which he describes how the doubtful remarks of a former agent pushed him even harder to succeed.



When you have thousands of brushes at hand - its sometimes even harder to know just what to pick up! When i first saw this set i wasn't too sure that 13 brushes could really cut it! And where was the crease brush! You know, the standard MAC 224 thingy! No where to be seen! But i bought them anyway thinking - well its more brushes to my collection! Then i played with them! Billy is right. 13 brushes is all you need. The foundation brush looks like every other foundation brush until you realise that you don't need to blend the brush strokes away! I've no idea why and i don't care all i know is that you can apply liquid foundation without leaving marks. The brushes are so interchangeable that you can use the same brush for the lip and the eye then the face with just a little brush cleaner in-between. The firmness of the brushes and the bend allows for such great detailed work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE brush number 4! Its your contouring, bronzing, blusher, powder brush. Its so small. The smallest brush I've seen for its purpose and yet it works so brilliantly. Its glides over the skin leaving the most beautiful application of blush. Number 5 and 7 are perfect for eyes, lips and face. And the lip brush. HELLO! Lidless. Load it up with lipstick pop it into your bag and you can touch up when you're out. Its not the wheel reinvented - its fine tuning already standard makeup brushes and making them more beautiful. Making them easier to use. $250 is a lot of money. But i would have paid doubled for this set. AMAZING. UPDATE: Its now official. I have no used any other brushes since getting Billy B. These are AMAZING. Breakthaking. Exciting and truly the best brushes i've ever used - ever.

Everything you need is here

I wasn't going to purchase the Master set as I have hundreds (literally) of brushes already but I watched all the video's Billy B had for each set and the reasons he created each specific brush and why he "hated" all the other ones. Billy B convinced me and it was my birthday...sooooo...I own it, and I LOVE IT...i'll review each brush individually...but the brush number should buy it, you don't have a brush like me....


Need brushes, please bring these back soon! All my brushes are falling apart and I want to save just for these, I've never really had a decent set and it would make a world of difference.

Where have you gone?!

Why are the individual brushes available but not the set?! I need this set! Is there any way to notify me once they've returned? I've been searching for the perfect set of brushes and all of my research has led me here. After the review done by Wayne Goss I was sold!


I have been really lucky to have purchased some of the brushes from Billy while he was in Vancouver for the launch. Regrettably I didn't get the full set, and I've kept them for my personal use only as I've way too many brushes for my professional kit. Now years gone by, I can't stop thinking about getting more to complete my collection, only to find out they're sold out. Would you bring more back soon please? Please.


Billy gave me a set of his brushes years ago and they're all I use! They're also all he ever uses, so I always hope that some of his geniusness will travel through them and create the same amazing magic for me. I love hearing him talk about them-- just the way he describes them teaches me more about how he uses them and what his techniques are. The brushes do an awesome job and they're so easy to travel with because they're small and lightweight. I also love their utilitarian quality, there's nothing fussy or pretentious about their design.


I am still waiting to recieve this product and have heard great review im really egar to get it because i need brushes to go with the pout paint which i hope to recieve soon but i hope i get it xx

Great at first.

Those were my first brushes I have ever used, and in fact I loved them. But then after 1 month and a half those brushes started losing hair (and I always keep them clean and in place). Yet, I'm in love with the small brushes, I literally always use them and they last forever. Right now I probably own some small brushes for like 1 year and something... and they are still good. So, thumbs up for the small ones... and an average for the big ones.

I simply love these brushes.

I was thinking about getting this set and or another set that I would not mention. I simply love it. The only thing that I recently noticed is that brush 1, 3, 4 started to shed as I washed them with great care. I also put them to dry on the benjable tree. I don't want to return this item but this should not be the case with these brushes. Can something be done in regards to this three brushes shedding. I am worried that I wont have any hairs left after a year. I simply love this and I am not sure if I got a lemon. I got the entire set and its love. but please help with this issue.

Adore these brushes

I have a lot of high end brushes, was keen to use these and expected they would perform nicely ... but WOW. Used them for the first time today in the horrible light at the gym, putting my makeup on quickly in the early morning to get to work on time, and emerged with truly flawless makeup. I watched Billy B's videos for each of the brushes to see how he uses them and was very pleasantly surprised by how well they work as he intended. (I know he also says to play, which I will, but for my first time I out I wanted to color within the lines, so to speak!) They blend easily and like a dream, and I love that they are so light and portable. Can't recommend highly enough.