Billy B

Paint Brush Eight



Katie H.

The perfect crease brush. The end. HG. Won't buy a different one ever again. It is so wonderful for creating a defined crease; when you have smaller hooded eyes it's a must!

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Lera J.
does it all

I love this brush (did i start my other Billy B reviews with that same line?), well it's true, i love this brush. Everything that Michael G said in his review are the reasons why i love this brush. I use it for crease, but it also lays lid color down beautifully, doesn't matter if your packing it on, or just adding gentle touches of color. I will definitely buy a few to have because I use this for so many things. Sidebar comment: I really like this brush because it's so unassuming and stealth, i'm not worried about "losing" it to other artists...that is until they see me in action with it.

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Michael G.

I use this one as a crease brush. What makes it different is the head is long enough to softly blend eyeshadow into the crease but also flat so it stays in the crease. The only problem I have with this brush is I think I need 2 so I have a clean one to blend with.

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Ursula S.
Not very durable for the money

After purchasing numerous sets over the course of the past 2 years, I have come to find that the brushes are not very durable, no matter how well you take care of them. The brushes all come separated at the ferrel and usually in the middle of a job. How unprofessional. I would recommend looking for comparable brushes else where that are more durable. The worst offenders are the eye brushes, and the blush and contour brushes and the foundation brushes.

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K W.

Altho the majority of my fav brushes are Goss & Chikuhodo, I still find myself reaching for this simplistic little wonder from BillyB! And even tho it's not as luxuriously soft as Goss or Chik, it's still the softest from my entire line of BillyB's! And def soft 'enough' to where it glides comfortably back & forth along the crease--no scratchiness at all! The size & shape r an absolute perfect fit for the crease-even for smaller eyes! It applies color perfectly & makes a lovely blender as well! So glad to have 2 of these in my brush collection! Altho it doesn't look to be anything special, this little guy is def a 'must have' & I'd never want to be without it!

Sun L.
Looks like an ordinary eyeshadow brush...but it's not!

I purchased this brush based on the rave reviews, however, when I opened the package and looked at it...I felt disappointed. Don't I have brushes that look just like this? I even compared it to my two laydown brushes, and discovered that #8's size was not quite the same. I shrugged and decided to try it out anyway. OK, now I see why it's different: Yes, it works just fine as laydown brush, but where it really shines is as a crease brush. The hairs don't splay out in the crease if you are using the brush in the "horizontal" position. You can apply a precise crease and you can also use it for blending.

Ann W.
Go-To Brush

This is my go-to brush for most of my eyeshadows. It can be used to lay down shadow and to blend. My favorite thing about Billy B brushes is how small they are, most makeup brushes are too large for my small eyes. This brush is soft and has held together well (so far, I've had it a few months), contrary to a few others review here.

Miss M.
Too hard!

I feel a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to makeup brushes. If a brush is too soft, it isn't always easy to control. But, when a brush is hard, it makes for uncomfortable application - and this brush was too hard! I have sensitive and somewhat thin eyelids, and this brush tugged on my skin so much, it caused the shadow to "skip" in the crease. I had high hopes for this as a crease brush, but sadly, it will have to be returned.