Billy B

Lash/Brow Groomer



Bec S.
Surprisingly awesome!

At first I didn't get the importance of this tool, but now I can't live without it! It's so useful for getting the details of the brows and lashes right. It's very helpful. Also, the way it folds up into itself keeps it from getting nasty. My other spoolies get bag fuzz all over them so I have to toss them. The spooly is also a bit more precise feeling than the disposable ones. I like that.

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Kelly R.
Metal Combs Fall out

For the price, I'm a bit dissappointed as the combs are now falling out. It's a cool tool and a metal comb is the way to go for applying mascara so there are no clumps (you will also use LESS product), and it's very easy to clean, but all that seems to be left in good shape is the brow brush and heck, a disposable spoolie would do the trick for that.

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Jeannie K.
Really useful tool!

This tool is surprisingly very useful and helpful for maintaining your brows and lashes. I used to use those sample spoolies to brush out my brows but this convenient tool makes it easy to brush them out and put it away without having it get caught on a thread in my makeup bag. (Which the other sample spoolies always did!) I use the comb portion to separate clumped lashes, a problem I tend to get a lot when I use drugstore mascaras. I've had this for around 2 years now and still love it!

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Priscilla N.
Just what I needed

My favorite and main reason for this purchase is the fact that it's foldable. The only reason why its not a whole 5 stars is because of the price. Other than that, I absolutely love it!