Alba Botanica

Natural Hawaiian Moisture Cream


Julianne J.
Very nice- great smell and great texture

I wanted to try another Alba moisturizer, one that didn't irritate my skin like the last one I tried. This has a creamy, thick texture- you only need to dab the smallest amount on, it will spread very nicely. My skin drinks it in like the last one I tried, but I don't get itchy, or feel the smallest bit of residue. The smell is very floral, which I'm usually not a fan of- but its since grown on me. I figured the other ingredients would counteract the jasmine scent, yet I also was clueless about the fact that jasmine is a flower- hence floral scent. The plastic cap is fragile, so if you drop the tub, it might break- mine did. All in all, I prefer this one to the other Alba moisturizer I have, and it makes a lovely makeup primer. The price is still steep though.