Beauty Product Reviews

It's a very light fragrance. I think of vanilla when I spray it, not necessarily very flowery. I am definitely not a floral lover. I often mix this fragrance with others. I personally love a very heavy, spicy scent so I don't wear this one everyday.

Ever since my father brought me this fragrance from his trip to London years and years ago I have been IN LOVE!! I have almost every one of his fragrances, including his unisex fragrance. I have to say Angel has been my utmost favorite fragrance for many years, even my most favorite Thierry Mugler fragrance until very recently when I discovered Womanity. O.M.G!!!! If I had to describe it using one word: sultry.

didn't love it. the formula was too thin, didn't coat well. the brush was too large to not make mistakes with every application. i'll stick with my maybelline classic volume express.