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Raw Coconut Cream



Victoria H.
Works great

This works great, I love the packaging and it smells really nice. It takes my makeup right off. However, it really is just virgin coconut oil. I read reviews saying you can't get this in store, but I've got a jar that's about 15 times bigger than the jar I bought here that's organic virgin coconut oil and it works exactly the same - plus I got it on sale for five dollars. So I'm not sure what is different about this product compared the organic stuff you can get at the store.

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Sarah F.
Multipurpose Holy Grail

I knew this product would be good, but I am honestly blown away! I bought the rms coconut cream as a makeup remover since I feel guilty using so many wipes that just pile up in the trash. It is so easy to use and is almost relaxing. Just take a little bit and massage it onto your face to get all of that makeup off. Eye makeup was so easy to remove, especially since this product is nonirritating. I thought that I would still need to wash my face afterwards, but it left my face feeling so clean and hydrated (not the least bit stripped, which is great for me considering I have really dry skin). In fact, I didn't even need to use a moisturizer after! And it leaves a pleasant smell on your skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this, even though that will be a while off since you only have to use such a small amount! Love, love, love it.

p.s. this actually works really well as a deodorant, too! ;)

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Alicia H. Team
If you were already blown away by the magic of coconut...

There's more. One of the reasons I truly believe in rms is because I know every ingredient, particle or element is of the highest quality there is. Sure, I might opt for the generic brand's cooking oil but when it comes to my face - no way. Knowing what grade of ingredients shouldn't be such a mystery or chore so thank you, Rose Marie for saving me the time researching. The rms Raw Coconut Cream is just that - the highest grade of unrefined coconut oil there is. The top shelf stuff.

I usually get into physical fights with most makeup removers - something you'd see out of a bad infomercial - tugging at my eyelashes too hard to get the day's mascara off, using cotton pad after cotton pad with a plethora of black stained cotton now skattered all around the bathroom floor...only to end up in a losing battle looking like Rocky Balboa with two swollen black eyes from 1) the products just not working and 2) harsh chemicals causing my sensitive eyes to swell.

With rms' Raw Coconut Cream there is no battle - just soft supple skin that smells as heavenly as my skin looks (not to toot my own horn or anything). That's not to say that the generic stuff doesn't have a place - it just relocated to my kitchen pantry instead.

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Diane W. Team
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing
Diane W.'s Review Image

I just got rms coconut cream a couple of weeks ago and so far it is my new go to wonder cream. I have blonde eyelashes so during the day I have to get that mascara deep down to the lash line or I tend to look pretty crazy. But at night, with super sensitive skin, getting it all off was a huge chore. Everything else I have tried has left my skin irritated, mascara residue in my lashline or both. Not to mention the "peek to see if your face is clean" cleanser in the eye. So I was all but resigned to ending the day with pink teary eyes and pink skin and my better half wondering why I was crying.

But this coconut cream saved me!!! Just a tiny amount quickly gets even the in between eyelash mascara out, I can even peek to check. I don't even need to moisturize, since this doesn't leave my skin dry and irritated, just moisturized and refreshed. Just to show I stuck some liquid liner on my hand, let it dry for an hour and you can see how well it works with no irritation.

And it smells like heaven, my only problem is everytime I use it I get cravings for coconut cake....

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Hannah D.
absolutely amazing!

I only got the rms coconut cream in the mail today but I can already tell I'm going to love it! It smells nice and fresh, for one thing. It feels even better, and it will last a really long time because I'm only using it for my face and I just needed a tiny bit! I heard it's good for acne prone, oily skin, and so far it is -- I didn't change anything else in my beauty routine and my skin today is not nearly as oily as it usually is by this time, and it still feels clean and refreshed. I'll be using a little bit twice a day and I can't wait to see what else it does for my skin (maybe prevent new acne by keeping oil levels down and my skin cleaner, and maybe help fade hyper-pigmentation from old acne?)! And since the only ingredient is the organic coconut oil I can be sure that nothing bad is going on my skin with my moisturizer. That in itself might help with my acne since it isn't irritating for sensitive skin. I'm very happy already with this product and will most certainly purchase it again when I eventually run out!

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Anneau C.
Total scam you guys.
Anneau C.'s Review Image

The ingredient is just raw, unpasteurized coconut oil. Guys. You can literally get the same thing in any health food store for so much less. I kid you not. $13 for 15 oz. vs. $42 for an 8 oz. jar of RMS 'coconut cream' this is such a scam. I thought at first it was a reconstituted coconut oil based cream but NOPE. It is literally just a regular insanely price jar of raw coconut oil. This is shameful.

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Amanda R.
I love this stuff!

I love coconut oil and this stuff is amazing. I use it primarily as a moisturizer (on my neck, arms, chest) and as deodorant after my nightly shower. I don't know if I would be confident enough to use it as a deodorant for the day, but when I wake up in the morning, I smell like paradise. It's really more on an oil than a cream, but it's an amazing product. It's pretty pricey since it is beauty grade, but I will likely buy it again.

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Jacqlene S.
Wasn't too impressed

Was so excited to try this cream. Realized it's raw so it'd liquefy at room temperature- so the first time I opened it and it spilled all over the counter, I admitted it was my fault. Got a new one and put it in the fridge. Took it out before my shower but it was too solid to use. Realized I had to plan it beforehand and leave it out so I could use it after I shower - sorry, but that's too much work. Must admit, it was great once I used it (used it as a body moisturizer), and a little goes a long way. But still, the $18 jar lasted me less than 2 weeks. Sorry, but I've used products from the organic store that do the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Won't be purchasing again.

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Saroeuth B.

This product works as a makeup remover and as a moisturizer. Normally after I wash my face, I have to use a makeup remover to get rid of whatever my face wash doesn't get, which would be my mascara still in my lash line. After I use the makeup remover, my face would feel so beat up, I don't want to add anything else to it. I love how my face feels after I use this. After the second night, I noticed that my face was a lot brighter and softer. A little goes a long way.

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Amy Maria Y. Team
Basically the most natural way to remove makeup!

I'm not all that organic or natural ingredient loving kind of person but after I removed and redid my eye make-up 6 times one night (I was trying to figure out a very specific look...) my eye was completely raw from my old make-up remover (hello unknown drugstore brand) I had to grab this. It was exactly what my eyes needed. After removing my daily eye make-up I dabbed a bit on to soothe my sensitive skin and overnight it healed up and rehydrated my delicate skin. It smells amazing and it really pleasant to use. For eye contact wearers, I'd suggest taking out our contacts first before you use this. I didn't because I've somehow mastered how to remove make-up without ever getting anything blurring up my vision but I know the feeling! It's also perfect for removing lipstick without weird tastes like many other make-up removers which is why I've been known to just always have lipstick on up until the point I'm forced to take it off before bed since I've HATED the way other make-up removers made my lips feel afterwards. Love this!

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