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Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil


One of the best bases EVER

These are one of those products that most people who know anything about makeup have, and that everyone who makes YouTube videos raves about, but I am here to say, that I agree.
I mean what can I say, these pencils are amazing, and a lot cheaper than MAC Paint Pots.
I had never heard of jumbo pencils or even NYX before I started watching YouTube videos about a year and a half ago, but then again I didn't really care because I wasn't into eye shadow, I barely even owned any. Then almost a year ago, BAM! I want eye shadow. I was to do crazy looks and wear it everyday, so what do I do? I go on YouTube and look at tutorials, and recommended products. But I thought all I needed was the eye shadow, and bases were based on preferences. But no. Just like shadows are always better with a primer, some shadows show up better with a base. Bases aren't needed every time, for every shadow or every look, but they're helpful to have. Especially when you just bought some amazing looking shadows but the colors aren't popping on your skin like they do in the pan. A base would come in very handy in that situation. I like how you're eye shadow can transform when using different colored bases. For the most part they go on creamy, but I find that milk, the matte white shade, is more dry and can come off chalky, I'm wondering if its just mine, or if the matte shades are like that in general. Other wise the shimmery ones i have are creamy and blend out effortlessly, which is good because if you don't blend it out, it will crease. I love how milk can brighten any eye shadow look and how each base can give the same eye shadow a different look.Pros: creamy, blendable, many color options and finishes, MAC Paint Pot dupes, portable, easy to use, pigmented
Cons: can crease if too much producted is used, some products might be chalky

I recommend this product to everyone. Bases can really transform your look and these are affordable and worth the hype. I hope to get more.
Two thumbs up

Lives up to the hype!

Along with all other eyeshadow pencils from NYX, this has many uses. However, I think this has the most versatility out of all of the eyeshadows.
1. You can use this as a base for any eyeshadow color and it will really make it pop.
2. You can apply this to the inner corner or under the brow bone for a highlight.
3. You can apply this to the waterline using an angled eyeliner brush. Some people don't like using white eyeliner on the waterline because they think it is too harsh. So, apply a bit of a peach or skin color eyeshadow over top of the white on your waterline with any brush, and you have a nude eyeliner!

Great for an eyeshadow base!

If you know me, you know I can't live without this lol :) I use this color as a base for inner-corner highlight colors. It gives them a nice pop and brightens up the tearduct area so nicely! Also great as a subtle brow highlight on its own :)

I would marry this product

Ok! We're to start with this it's a jumbo pencil my color of choice is milk I use this as an eye liner if I want my eyes to appear bigger and with one swiping motion it's perfect it glides on smooth and is nicely pigmented! A lot of white liners dot show up in your water line and I mean come on who's going to use primer literly on there waterline? No one. So if u want one that works this is it and I have super watery eyes and it stays also you can use it as a base alone or after primer to make your shadows seriusly POP. I will never ever not have one of these in my collection again. I honestly don't think this could fail anyone. But that's just me

Great as a Base Color!

I primarily use my NYX Jumbo pencils as a base for my eye shadows to grab onto. They come in an arrange of colors and are very reasonably priced! I also have experienced some creasing with this product, but if you use a bit of Too Faced Shadow Insurance on before you will be good to go!

Meh. Overhyped but ok

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils are a "radiant eyeliner that doubles as an eyeshadow".These chubby pencils are some of NYX's most popular and talked about products. These shadow pencils are available in 32 shades, a "rainbow of vivid hues" according to NYX. These shadow/liners were made in Taiwan and are cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Each pencil retails for $4.50 or so, depending on where you buy. I purchased the three Jumbo Pencils I have at Ulta, but NYX can also be found at a variety of etailers, as well as select drugstores.
NYX says these pencils are "sealed in a recyclable, eco-friendly case". By that, they mean a white, plastic, pencil-like tube with a clear plastic cap. Me and these plastic caps do not get along. They're made of a very flimsy, soft plastic that cracks a little more each time you put it back on the pencil. Because of these cracks, the caps have a hard time staying on, putting your pencils at risk for drying out.
Despite these pencils being plastic, they are not automatic, you still need to sharpen them. Any double barreled sharpener will work, but both NYX and I recommend their pencil sharper. These pencil are pretty messy to sharpen. Many people favor depotting their jumbo pencils, there are multiple tutorials for doing so on YouTube.
NYX says the formula of their jumbo pencils are a blend of mineral oil and powder, but I don't see "mineral oil" listed in the ingredients. Lolwat? The first few ingredients are beeswax, and a few other waxes. Even though they're wax based, these pencils don't have a waxy texture at all. They're pretty creamy, without being overly soft. They don't melt or break when used.
Jumbo pencils apply smoothly to the eyelid in even strokes, but can skip a bit if your eyelid isn't taut. I suggest adding just a little bit of gentle resistance in the outer corner, without tugging on the skin.
Though NYX classifies them as eyeliner, I don't recommend using them as such, unless you're seeking a very thick line, or want to create a smudgey look. While I'm pretty sure Jumbo pencils are waterline safe, you shouldn't bother, they disappear after a few blinks.
As an eyeshadow, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils aren't so hot. They never quite set, and crease within 20 minutes, and are gone within two hours, even with a primer. What most people use these pencils for is as a colored eyeshadow base. While they have a great texture to be used as a base, and they really do help intensify the color of any shadow placed over them, they still crease and smudge after 5 or 6 hours. If you need a bright look to last for only a little while, like for a photoshoot, or a quick trip out, these are great, but don't expect to look fantastic at the end of the day.
I will admit, it's not complete the product's fault that I'm not a big fan. I didn't exactly choose the most practical colors. I have three Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils; Black Bean, a satiny black, Rocky Mountain Green, a bright emerald green, and Purple, a frosty blue purple. Do you reach for a frosty, blurple cream shadow every day? Me neither. Perhaps if I bought a more practical shade, like Milk or Cottage Cheese I'd use these more, but the bright, pretty colors drew me in.
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils are another one of those products that YouTube gururs and makeup fanatics seem to adore, and I can't get into. These are really a "meh" product for me. I don't regret buying them, as I do get some use from them, but I won't purchase any more shades. I don't get enough use to justify having a bunch of them, nor do they wear well enough for me. I recommend these if you're looking to play around with colorful eyeshadow bases or cream shadows, because they're good for the price. They might even work out well for you if you have dry lids. These pencils are an ok product, but personally, they're a skip in my book.


i love my NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk! it makes a good base coat and makes my colors more matte and vibrant! i came across one flaw. on my pencil, the twist on the bottom doesnt work. oh well, im getting more today! definetly recommend!

  • Milk
  • Milk
love it!

I live for jumbo eye pencils, and Nyx did not disappoint. I only have the shade milk, but it makes a wonderful base for eyeshadow and also a highlight for my browbone. It can get a little blotchy, but I've noticed that when i put a primer it blends well. Great product.

Love it, but it creases!

These eye shadow sticks are amazing. The pigmentation of it is great, however my one big problem is that it crease rather quickly. Within less than half an hour, it creased on me. I have oily lids, and when I first test products out, I see how long it lasts without primer. Just a heads up to all the girls with oily lids like me, don't use this as a primer.

Beautiful pigmentation, but still susceptible to creasing

I have these in Yogurt, Cashmere, Pots & Pans, Milk, Black Bean, and Cottage Cheese. All of them are beautifully pigmented, except Cashmere and Pots & Pans, which come up a bit sheer.
I've seen gurus use these as an eyeshadow primer, which I tried before, but it is NOT a good idea for oily lids. Within a few minutes, all of my eye makeup creased. So I used an eye primer under the jumbo pencils, and it also creased within in hour.
All in all, these are great for people with non-super oily lids, unlike mine.