Eye Shadow Brush


My favorite NON makeup brush

This brush has been seen in almost all of my NAIL videos. Yes nail - I use it to clean around my nails to give myself that clean 'just from the salon' look. I hate when I see beautiful polish all over the fingers when its made for just your nails. A little bit of polish remover in a cap + this brush and you are on your way to a perfect mani pedi!


This brush is very good for packing the eyeshadow onto the lid. I wish the handle was longer but thats minor. For a $1 US its really good. Decent quality bristles.

oh la la amazing!

one of the best eyeshadow brushes I have used great for blending and applying eyeshadow - love the way it feels - nice and soft - ony 1 dollar - i have so many of these i love elf!

Broke College Student Approved

Once again, the price for the quality is amazing. Definitely does the trick.

Bang For Your Buck!!

I looove elf's products, I rarely wear eyeshadow but when I do and this is the perfect brush for doing my creases. It really packs on the color and its never shedded even when I wash it.

For a dollar, you really can't beat this. While it's not the most amazing brush on the market, it's definitely worth your dollar.

It packs on shadow well. And that's what you need it to do right?

In terms of shedding, I have noticed a tiny bit. But nothing too bad, and I have owned this brush for a couple years now.

Overall, this is a wonderful brush to have. One of the most necessary brushes, and for such a low price... well you just can't go wrong.


I brought a couple of these brushes, tried it out on my sister creating a smokey eye, it worked really well when packing on colour. I can't say anything about shedding as yet, cause this was the first time using them, considering the price, I'd buy more but first will see how the life span on these are. So far loving them!

Great Eyeshadow Brush

This is one of my top eyeshadow brushes because it is so cheap. I have about 4 of these! It works great with all your eyeshadows. It does shed a bit when you wash but it doesn't seem to shed when i apply my eyeshadows. I love using this brush when applying an eyeshadow wet. Sometimes i feel like it's a bit rough but i think it's because i'm not using a gentle hand. I don't love this brush as much as the studio line one but it is a cheaper alternative. Overall, I would recommend this brush to everyone and if you can spend a bit more, i would suggest the Studio Eyeshadow C brush.

A bit rough and it doesn't distribute shadow that evenly.

The hairs on this brush is horrible, BUT when in need of it, I do use it. You might need to take a little time to apply shadow evenly, because this doesn't really do a good job at it, but nonetheless I wouldn't throw it out the window just yet. When it started to become "frizzy", I started using it as a cuticle oil applique or also to brush off the nail file dust from my nails. Reuse ladies!:)

I love this brush!

I bought it about 2 weeks ago at Rue 21, I honestly love it! For the price its perfect, only 2.00! It's durable and works great for applying eyeshadow anywhere on your lid. I always thought that the more expensive the brush, the better. But I'm a e.l.f. convert now! Love, Love, Love.(: