Wet N Wild

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My fav matte highlight

This is my hands down, ALL TIME, favorite matte highlight shade! I use this color almost daily and it is the perfect color for my fair skintone. Not ALL of these little Wet N Wild singles are fantastic, for example I got 2 (black & blue w/ LOTS of glitter) in a Limited Edition S/S '12 collection, & BOTH were total crap. BUT, the core line of these shadows like Brulee & Nutty are gorgeous! They are extremely pigmented, almost creamy shadows and I don't find the core line to be chalky at all. Plus, they are so darned inexpensive its unreal! EXCELLENT value for money! I think Wet n Wild has really upped their game in the last couple of years and I'm excited to see what they will put out next!


I absolutely LOVE these. theyre surprisingly pigmented, and the price?! $1.99? HELL YEAH. you cant beat it. My favorite has to be nutty as an all over the lid color for the days where i just wanna slap something on to even out my lids. Sugar comes in a close second for one of my favorite in the inner corner highlights! I definitely recommend these to everyone, especially beginners in makeup who want good quality eye shadows for a very inexpensive price!

Love love love

Great pigment. Great quality. Great colors. Great price. Only $0.93 at my local Walmart! I love love love this product. I highly recommend these eyeshadows. I have almost all of them. I need to buy like 3 more then I'm good! I love these eyeshadows!

silky soft!

I got this for $1.99 at the drugstore and was quite surprised at the pigmentation it gave off! I recommend this nude color because it's a vey good base and highlight for your eyes. Definitely worth buying!

Love them!

I have (and use) every day I love love love them. They are great colors. Cheep like very cheep as in they are .93 where I live!! Like amazing!!! I highly recommend it!

Love it! Great price.

It is a only 1$! It matches my skin and I used it as a base or for when ever I just feel like doing the no make up look. I personally feel it's long lasting and primer makes it better. I use it on a daily basis. I'm about to run out but I will repurchase. :)

Lovely shadow, but never use it! Important to note this is a UD Toasted dupe!

I'm giving this shadow a full star rating because its great, even though I never use it! When I typically have a lot of shadow palettes my singles fall by the wayside. However, when I got this I had wanted it so BADLY. I also have the 3 and 8 pan trios which were amaze and had UD dupes, but I was distracted by my other palettes and then almost ruined them while I tried to depot them! Anyway, the singles are super cheap and Nutty is for sure a UD Toasted dupe! Pretty much the same. If you really love Toasted but don't want to get a UD single of it, or buy one of the Nakeds, I'd get Nutty. Its like 2 or 3 dollars and its the same gorgeous color, luxe sheen and amazing quality. Just a touch softer, including the rest of WnW's eye shadow lines. <3

amazing highlight and colour

I bought this single at kmart for ~2 dollars bc it looked likee it had great pigmentation and i wanted to give it a try! I now use it as a highlight mainly. It is soooo good definitely a bang for your buck! I really recommend it. It is shimmery and a little goes a long way! I will be purchasing again.

love it.

Brulee is a really good matte nude drugstore eye shadow. I bought it for like less than $2, and it's just a no-brainer. It has great pigmentation. I like to use it as a highlight color, a blending color to blend out harsh lines, and just as an all over lid color. I recommend it!

Buy these now!

These went on sale at a local store, and the colors had been luring me closer and closer to buying them for a long time. So I finally gave in and bought a couple. I seriously don't know why I didnt' buy these SOONER! The colors are vibrant, the texture is to die for, and they apply and blend like a dream. So comparable to high end shadows. And at the $2 price range, there is no reason for you not to own them all. Whats even better, is that there are a fair amount of shimmery shades, some glittery shades, and even some matte shades. (Including a gorgeous matte black). Wet N Wild seriously hit the nail right on the head with these babies! I want to buy them all and stick them in a Z-Palette!