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6 days ago

Erica K.

Oooooohhh. Well in that case, thank you! it would be my honor and thus if you are ever east coast or I am west coast we should connect. 😘

Last week

Erica K.

Hey Diego, I think you messaged me by mistake. I do not work in makeup, I'm just hear to learn. You are an extraordinary talent, so I am guessing you meant the message on my profile for another Erica?

Last week

M G.

I didn't say anything rude. But y'all closed the thread before I could defend myself. Of course I won't remember this tommorow, this is nothing more thn a thread to me but he took it to another level and I won't allow someone to talk to me that way especially when I didn't disrespect in any form. That being said I will be the adult and walk away.

Last week

M G.

How did I not like your response Diego? I can start a thread however the hell I like and if it turns into a discussion and opinions, fine by me. Your insinuating I have responded like an asshole , when I just finish telling you I can respect the difference in opinions. Example Triara said its not for her , OK totally fine! Did I attack her or you or anyone for not agreeing or saying something "I want to hear" no. For you to say maybe next time we should keep quiet (obviously meaning me) as though you superior, um how about no??. Fine its not for you, great I respect tht. Not a technique you would ever use , fine by me too. But being passive aggressive makes One look more like an asshole thn someone whos OK with people disagreeing. The thread closed. I actually admired your talent sad to see your personality doesn't match.

Last week

Kitty K.

Okay guys, this whole thing seriously needs to stop as its getting out of line.
Both of you are adults and there's no need for any kind of name calling over something as simple as 'Clown contouring' and throwing any kind of shade at each other is just silly. Take a step back and relax, odds are that on todays date a year from now, you won't remember that thread and all the nonsense that went down so there's no need to keep adding wood to that fire.
Drama doesn't create much other than negative energy and neither of you want that in your lives. This whole thing is silly and needs to end, name calling or harrasment isnt tolerated on Beautylish and both of you have been around long enough to know better than that.

3 weeks ago

Alyssa D.

Following, and oh my gosh your makeup style is amazing and very unique! <3.

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Diego G.

Location: California

Beauty has a lot to do with character. -- Kevyn Aucoin

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About Me

hi everyone! my name is DIEGO GARCIA and im 23 years old. I live in PHILLIPS RANCH, CA. and currently attending a makeup academy.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Dry, Coarse, Oily
Birthday: July 08
Age: 24



Instagram: @diggie_gee


Why do you wear makeup?
Because fuck you!

Who inspired you to do makeup?
Chrisspy, ValerieVixenArt, Ms. Jackie, Billy B., Kevyn Aucoin