Any infomation on peroxiding hair

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Currently I am a brunette but i really wanna go blonde and ive heard that if you peroxide your hair first then put a blonde colour onto it it comes out better. Does anyone know where I can get the peroxide from and exactly how i do it? :)

Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient used in developers, which is the additive that "lifts" color out of a hair strand so a different color can be deposited and/or the hair can be toned. It's where the nickname "peroxide blonde" comes from.

The hairdressing grade of peroxide can come in liquid or cream form, I feel cream is easier to use. Don't just pick up hydrogen peroxide from the store (like the kind you would put on a cut)--there are formulations that have been made so it can be safe to use on your hair. Also, I would highly recommending not just putting it directly on your scalp, you could suffer a chemical burn.

If you want to go blonde, I suggest going to a salon first and having the initial application done. You can watch what they do, their application method, etc. Upkeep at home is easier than going from brunette to blonde at home.

EDIT: Also something to note, I forgot to add: There are different volumes (or levels) of peroxide, such as volume 10, 20, 30, and 40. The higher the volume, the faster the lift, but the more damaging to the hair as you blow out the cuticle of the hair strand. Volume 10 is usually for simply depositing color into the hair (like if you were just going to a different shade of brunette.) Timing is important, too. Lifting can be tricky, as where you first apply the hair color mix is going to start lifting immediately. You could end up with super bleached out hair in some parts, and less bleached out hair in others, if the timing isn't done right. Once again, another reason I recommend having a professional do it first.

Thankyou, think ill go get it done professionally to save me burning my head off haha, plus it sounds a bit difficult too, thanks again! :) 

Jul 18, 2011

Terra M.

I agree with Mandy, go hit up a salon:) Things can get tricky depending on how many levels you are lifting, if you already have color on, and toning. You may find all of the products in the store overwhelming! I keep my own hair super light and blonde, be careful you might get addicted to being blonde:P After going through cosmo school, and personal experience and fails; If you are unsure, the mistakes can be devastating to your hair :D Good luck:D

Actually to clarify what Mandy wrote, "Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient used in developers". Developer IS hydrogen peroxide it is not just an ingredient.

That said, hydrogen peroxide typically is only 3% at drugstores while hair developers are 10 volume or 10% hydrogen peroxide. The 10 vol is the lowest developer volume you'll get an it won't necessarily lift the color enough, most bleach kits use at least a 30 to 40 volume developer while the highest developer you can get and use is 60 volume (I really don't remember if there is 70 volume or not).

As Mandy wrote seeing a professional is best. If you can't afford the expensive cost it can be at a beauty salon go to a school since the students there are under the STRICT eye of a licensed instructor who has more experience than most cosmetologists as they are required to have more hours and training than cosmetologists.

Okay thankyou, going to get my hair cut this week anyway, so ill talk to my hairdresser she if she know of someone who can do a good job thats cheap, and if that fails ill go to my local college and see whats on offer there :) Thanks everyone :)

Jan 10, 2013

Marina g.

I have an ombre and i did it with peroxide, it didnt damage my hair

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