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Oct 09, 2011

Briana C.

I need a long lasting lip color to wear to work. I prefer a lipstick. It doesn't have to be drug store just something with a variety of colors. I want a kinda everyday color for my skin tone. Any suggestions?

Oct 09, 2011

Maria L.

For long lasting, I like the Infallible Lip colors by L'Oreal. If you apply it to clean, dry lips and wait about 3 minutes (don't apply a thick layer) before applying the top coat it will last all day long.  

Not only a long lasting lipstick, but there are things to make your lipstick last longer. You can put foundation or concealer on your lips, then go over it with your lipstick. Then blot on a tissue to take most of it off. Then, put your lipstick on again. Then with a clean tissue, place it over your lips & dust loose powder on top of your lips with the tissue as a barrier. Then you can go over your lipstick with lipgloss & now you have created so many barriers of layers which will keep your lipstick lasting longer.

Oct 09, 2011

Briana C.

Ok thanks everybody :) I was thinking L'oreal and that was a great tip Jess.

Oct 09, 2011

Katie S.

If you haven't tried LipSense by SeneGence yet, you need to. It will last about 8-10 hours without feeling dry. Lots of shades available. It is sold through direct sellers only. $22 for a tube that lasts about 8 months.

Racquel C.

Aug 06, 2012

Racquel C.

use just bitten lip stain 

Jan 27, 2013

Jana B.

Ok, so I made a LIST of all the long lasting lipsticks I've seen on these BEST LONG LASTING LIPSTICKS forums. Here you go girls:
Lipliner trick (conceal lips, powder lips, line lips with lipliner all over)
OCC liptars
L'oreal infalliable lipstick compact
Makeup Forever Rouge Lipstick and Lipliners
Hourglass Rouge Liquid Lipstick
NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil
MAC lipstick
Tarte lipstain
Sephora lipstain
Nyx Matte lipsticks
Inglot lipstick
Revlon Colorstay lipsticks

Jan 31, 2013

Em L.

I haven't tried this yet, but I heard rubbing an ice cube on polished lips work.

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