Which do I use first? Foundation, concealer, primer or moisturizer?

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Which do I use first? Foundation, concealer, primer or moisturizer? 

Exactly what he said. Moisturizer first to moisturize the skin so it's nice and ready for the products you're going to put on. I do this after I wash my face so it has time to set. You want it to soak in so it doesn't mix with any of your other products and become messy. Then primer.. you can let that set in also. Foundation! Also, you can let that set in. Then concealer if needed. Then set it all with powder if you want! Yay! 

I moisturize first, then go about doing my hair. When my hair is finished I sit down to do my makeup. I prime, then apply foundation, then apply concealer. This is good for liquid or cream foundations. If you're using a powder foundation, I recommend concealing first, then applying your foundation (this avoids cakiness).

Amanda K. Moments ago
moisturize, although ive been guilty of skipping this, or just half assing it, then primer.. but sometimes if youve applied either of those you wont have to apply the other, depending on the kind...

i apply foundation first. although its really a matter of preference, whatever works for you! i find if i apply concealer first, especially liquid/cream kind.. when i apply my foundation, a little bit wipes right off.. BUT if i have a severe, severe blemish, i will use a stick concealer JUST on that spot, not anywhere else with mild blemishes, or undereye circles, or anything like that, then go over it with foundation, then again with concealer.. cause when i get big zits, i get BIG zits. ha ha.

the exception, as stated, is if you are strictly a powder user. then concealer first, or a little bit of primer where you need some extra coverage then use yourpowder over the primer and skip the concealer altogether. this is especially helpful for mineral-makeup-only users.

so, in general, all in all, lol.. moisturizer primer foundation concealer

but if you really want to get me going i can throw in wash, exfoliate and tone before moisturizing :P

Thanks everyone... My moisturizer also say it's good as make-up base so i'm thinking if it works the same as the primer... (^^,)

First: Moisturizer, after my shower.
Second: Primer
Third: Concealer (optional)
Fourth: Foundation

Mar 08, 2011


I moisturize daily with a light facial moisturizer no matter what I wear on my face that day. I think now that I'm getting close to 30 I'm starting to see the difference when I don't! I actually have healthy skin so I tend not to wear primer, concealer, and foundation daily...though I always wear all of the above on days I shoot pics for B.Koi looks (nobody wants to see pores in Macro haha).

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Mar 09, 2011

Kristen H.

My routine:
Moisturizer, Let it sit for 15-20 mins. In this time I do my hair.
Primer, Let that sit for about 10 mins. I do a quick toning workout.
Foundation, Apply using a foundation brush (large and flat with a rounded tip)
Concealer, I dab it with my ring finger to allow it to blend.
Powder, I know you didn't add this but it gives a nice matte finish which I like. Apply this with a big fluffy brush.
Hope this helps!
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:) <3

Mar 09, 2011

KohLepe P.

Ahhh that is what I have been doing wrong =(
Current routine:
Moisturizer - I don't let it sit for that long.. probably 4-5 mins at most.
Primer - I don't let it sit either =(
Concealer - with brush
Foundation - with brush
Power - with brush
no wonder I can't cover all the spots!! I'm gonna have to switch my routines. Thanks for the help =) 

Apr 19, 2013

Kristabel B.

I don't use moisturiser or prima (bad I know) I have quite sensitive face and easily break out in spots. I also have scars and blemishes. Can anyone recommend some products and a routine for me? (Tried Clinique & hated) x

Apr 19, 2013

Kristabel B.


Jul 19, 2013

Pily C.

About more or less the same topic, I have a doubt about the bb creams, so you take first the moisturizer, then the primer or the bb cream? then the foundation?

Oct 07, 2013

Avery A.

M , p , f then c too lazy to type it haha.

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