Style Haul. Worth it?

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So Style Haul contacted me a few months back with an invite to join their network. Who are they? A network for youtube beauty gurus. Basically, they take ownership of your google adsense account and give your a flat rate for advertisments. If you're a newbie, like me, this flat rate is likely to give you a boost in income from advertising, but in the long run, you'll be screwed as the contract with style haul lasts for four years. So the bigger you get, style haul would pocket your money and give you the same flat rate you were earning as a nobody. I considered joining style haul only because i was hoping it would give me a boost in views and subbies. My question to the rep who contacted me was, "can you show me stats that reflect an increase in viewership and subscriptions for style haul members?" The rep, maria i think her name was, assured me she could, but I never heard back from her. It's been a few months now. Has anyone else joined? And has it been worth it to you?

Dec 07, 2012

Italia D.

I was just contacted today about this. I replied asking if/how it would affect my Google AdSense account. If this is still the case, I rather not join. Especially if there's a binding contract for so many years. If it was a year maybe I'd consider. Four years is too long. Thanks for all the info :)

Dec 07, 2012

Leah W.

Your name is so cool!

Jan 01, 2013

Jennifer D.

Hi there. I have also been wondering how I can grow my channel. I get asked to do tutorials, but get less views on those. However, I think that being more involved with these amazing websites like Beautylish will be great as others will see our work and we get to see the work of other makeup artists, hair stylists, etc. I want to learn more about it as they gave me many huge names of people that have joined them, but I am not sure. They do not have a monthly requirement as Google requires you to at least have $100 a month to get a check which was tough when I first started my channel. Now I am doing that, but I was laid off and I don't want to make money "off of my subscribers" but I enjoy doing this so much. I cannot find another career option and have enrolled as a full time student once again. I wish you all the best and please write to me at my email address if you hear anything. I hope it is alright I am putting my email address in here. Take care guys. I am planning on visiting Beautylish more often. It is an amazing place for inspiration and everyone is so nice. Take care guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jennifer

Aug 05, 2013

Brenda M.

Has anyone benefited off partnering with stylehaul?

I was just sent a contract from stylehaul. They've gone down to a 2 year deal. Still can't find any assurances online though...

Sep 27, 2013

Jessica L.

StyleHaul screwed me. I signed a 4 year contract. 2 years at a certain rate, and an increase of that rate for the remaining 2 years. I received the increased rate for 2 months and they called and told me that they were "making changes" and that I would have to drop back down to my old rate. I'm very unhappy that they can just change my contract whenever they want, but I can't get out of it.

Networks are supposed to help you grow your channel and they keep a revenue from your earnings. That's fine, if they DO help you get more views and subscribers! Unfortunately, they didn't help me...

Dec 19, 2013

Jennifer M.

DO NOT JOIN! They don't do ANYTHING they claim to do. there is absolutely no benefit from joining their company. I joined earlier this year and I want out so bad.

Feb 22, 2014

Marissa R.

Personally, I've had a pretty positive experience with Stylehaul. They help me when I have a question about my channel. Just call them and be polite and they'll help you. I feel like my channel has grown a decent amount since signing with them. If you ask them to help you grow your channel then they'll usually promote your videos on twitter or something, it's pretty cool. Anyways, I can only speak for myself but I think that if you are patient and give them a chance to help you then it's a really awesome company! :) I'm also earning more money now then I used to before Stylehaul. In terms of my contract, I also am signed for 2 years and they haven't lowered my earnings at all so no problems there….

They are no help I signed and now been with about 5 months and no promotion what so ever. They are just signing anyone now with as little as 150 subbies it's a joke. I have asked for help. They asked me to send links of videos to promote on twitter which I have but they have not once featured me. They are breaking their contract by not promoting us tbh. CRAP CRAP xxxx

2 days ago

Dee B.

Does anybody know any other companies similar to StyleHaul, or is style haul the only one that pretty much deals with beauty/ make-up videos?

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