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Brush 04


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Brush 04 - Medium Crease

Learn how to make under eye bags disappear (almost instantly!) starting at 0:48, and find out why this medium-size brush is especially good for hooded eyes.


Lily T.'s Review Image
small, soft, luxurious

Okay, so this brush is very special. First is it super soft, it has all-natural hair, and all of the brushes have a small domed tip. This brush is a nice full brush however it is not too dense, which gives it the perfect amount of give when applying on your eyes. Synthetic hairs have a problem with picking up to much product, and especially with a blunt tip, give streaky application. The natural domed tip of this brush gives a gradient effect effortlessly. I have sensitive eyes and a lot of times putting on eye makeup would irritate them because of the blunt, dense not-soft brushes, however this feels really nice and soft on your lids. Also the brush is amazing in that it picks up the product very well but does not stick to the brush hairs after application, making my makeup so much easier. I am so happy with this brush and pleased that it is cruelty-free. :)

Super Duper soft, small, blending, fun

I have to say that I am in LOVE with this brush and can't wait to put my eye make-up on so that I can play with this high quality brush!! Also...this company(beautylish) is the bomb-diggety!! I order one day and 2 days later the product was in my hand with a hand-written note card concerning the brush and to welcome me to the company!! They also quality check the box and is signed as a sign that a person actually touched your product!! The CS is just fantastic---will continue to shop here!! Thanks Beautylish and Wayne!!

A novice's point of view

I am in no way near a professional, so when I wanted to start creating eye looks slightly more advanced, I found my brushes held me back. I took a chance though and ordered this (and brushes 03, 06, and 07) and achieved the look I've been wanting. I am simply amazed at how just changing the brushes I used could make such a difference. I used this to apply shadow to my outer v of my eye and it worked perfectly! I highly recommend!

This brush is the one I have been searching for.

This brush is the one I have been searching for. It is soft on the delicate eyelid skin and does the job it was created to do. This will not be my only Wayne Goss purchase.


While I don't have small eyes, I have a bit of a hooded lid situation going on, and eye makeup has always been torture. I was using EcoTools, which were just not doing it for me, then purchased the Hakuhodo J5523 and found it too large to control comfortably. The WG04 is absolutely perfect, and everything I had hoped the J5523 would be! It's small enough for precise application, not scratchy (not UBER soft either, since then it wouldn't blend well, but comfortable), and manages to both pack on color and blend it out nicely. And I definitely prefer the pointed tip of the 04 to the flat tip of the 5523.

Just what I wanted

I wanted a brush for the crease, and #4 is perfect for that. I'm replacing my brushes with Wayne Goss brushes, knowing they will last and do what I want the brush to do. Also great at blending out and up the outside of the eye. Makes getting the shadow into the crease easy, blends beautifully.

Great brush

I couldn't believe I paid so much for a eye shadow brush. But it really is great. I had to place another order and get more brushes from Wayne. And shipping was crazy fast! The hand written note was very nice b

Amazingly soft

I didn't realize what soft was until I add this brush to my group. It blends like a dream even on my small lids. After using this, I am looking forward to getting the whole set asap.

Believe the hype!

I have many crease brushes in my collection, by different brands. I had decided not to buy anymore.....except curiosity got the best of me. Well, ever since I received this brush, it's the only crease brush I have used. It picks up eyeshadow and blends like a dream! I am going to have to get them all! Wayne is amazing!


Love this brush for crease shadow application and effortless blending. So soft and no loss of hairs when using brush or washing brush itself. Great for hooded eye gals such as me because it's just the right size for the job and perfect for us sensitive skin gals since the brush hairs are so incredibly soft that it there's no tugging on skin or scratching by course hairs. It makes application of makeup a joy! I love this brush so much that I'm now interested in purchasing the whole set.