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Sheer - Not Sticky.

So me and pink lipgloss: we have a love hate relationship. Thankfully Doug and I seem to like each other, just fine! The gloss goes on smooth, it is thicker in consistency then most of my NARS glosses.

I do not like the applicator, it is a firm brush-style. I feel these types do not allow you to easily, quickly and most importantly evenly, apply product.

It has an initial smell, that is more like sweetened oatmeal, not creme brulee, that wears away quickly. the gloss does not get sticky not has it run off my mouth. The sheer pink shade has stayed true. I like the glitter, you can not feel it, you only see perfect shine and sparkle.

Since they are sheer, you can layer a liner underneath or just add this to the bow of your lips atop traditional lipstick for ultra shine.

Would I purchase again? No. I do no like this thicker consistency and I really do not like brush applicators for my lipgloss.


these smell terrible! this is the only product that i dislike from UD.. i had like every shade at one point and threw them all out. the colours are strange and hard to match.. miss. but props to them for trying to get hormones involved!


The formula is smooth, non-sticky, and light. I love love love my Eric, which is a nice sheer red. I later bought Max, which is a light peachy shade, and I didn't like the opacity of it: it tended to sink into the creases of my lips, and if I didn't exfoliate first it showed a lot of flaws.

I like the tube, it slips neatly into pockets and purses, and the brush is lovely. But. I HATE the smell. The best comparison I can make is a box of breakfast cereal, like frosted flakes or something. Maybe the pheromones put me off, who knows. If that smell was changed, I'd gladly give five stars.


I LOVE MY POCKET ROCKET!!! it feels great on my lips alone or with a smells great(creme brulee..Yummy) and kirk is Hott...or maybe its the pheramones talking..Lol!! LOVE IT. LUV IT LOVE IT!


Not a fan! It smells like cheerios, so you are stuck with an overly sickening sweet smell the whole time you are wearing. And on top of that, it is sticky, oh so sticky. No thank you. Glad I got you on sale.

It's cute

I received this as a gift after raving about it for months. I have this in Colin which to me is like a corally red color. This lip gloss has a honey/maple smell to it which doesn't bother me. This is flavorless which is good. This specific shade has good pigmentation. My only gripe is that I find it to be heavy and tacky on the lips. I like lip glosses to feel almost like I have nothing on them but this one you can totally tell. Is it worth $17-19? No, it's not. I truly believe you can find something much better for way cheaper. Yes, it's cute packaging and you have eye candy on the tube but as far as performance wise I would look elsewhere. The colors are not unique enough to justify the price when you can easily find a dupe at lower cost.


The only thing good about these is that they have semi-naked guys on them. They are thin consistency, yet they are gloopy; they have crap pigmentation, and if you put them over a lipstick they give you trashy blowjob lips!

This is my only UD gloss and I must say I do really like these glosses. My only issue is that they are pretty sticky (I don't like sticky glosses in general), but other than that it is a fun gloss. Cute packaging, fun colors and they smell delicious like brown sugar!

I bought a sample of this lipgloss on Ebay after watching a guru rave about using it over MAC's lipstick in Blankety. I have to say, I do love the combination! The perfect nudey pink, with a slight bit of shine. It is a bit sticky, but that doesn't really bother me. It has a distinct smell as well. It doesn't bother me, but it definitely would bother most. All in all, I like it and would purchase another shade.

I want to huff my lip gloss.

This smells amazing. It's super shiny and gorgeous, albeit a bit on the sticky side. But I will totally ignore that because I'm way too busy trying to smell my mouth now.