Too Faced

Matte Eye Collection


love of my life

Let me start off by saying I think more Make-up companies need to bring out all Matte shadow palettes. I do use shimmery shades but I have a long time love for Matte shadows and this pigmented palette is amazing:)


I have these for like a year, and i love them! looks very natural and colors are beautiful. Easy to apply and blend, and in the box there is also 3 cards that helps you to create a stunning makeup.

some colors are chalky

I had a habit of giving too faced kits to my aunts and cousins on the holidays because the packaging is cute.So I decided to get this kit. Pros: cute packaging, adorable cards for demos for people who want to learn how to do eye makeup, and beautiful colors on the pan. The cons of this makeup is too much fallout, some colors come out looking chalky the lid, and it took less than an hour for it to begin to disappear on lid or some started too look transparent. Keep in mind used 3 different primers as well to see if it worked better but no amazing results. It's not great but not horrible. I can see my younger cousins liking it though.

Lacks payoff/Chalky

Okay, ladies and gents, I tried really hard to like this palette (because it was so pricey) but it never won me over. The lack of color payoff on the lighter shades really frustrated me ( I tried to apply it with brushes and my fingers and used a lid primer). The colors came off as chalky to me even with primer and shaking off fallout. I bet the other palettes are great but this was a miss. I will attempt to return this. :(

This is the Naked Palette UD fans wanted but never got.

I say that because after the 1st Naked palette came out, the fans were calling for more matte shades, but only got 3 in the Naked2. Like many, I was really annoyed by this because I don't go around wearing glitter and shimmer every day of my life. Then I saw this Too Faced palette, swatched it at Sephora and took it home immediately. The shadows are smooth, easy to apply, easy to blend, and it has the perfect range of shades that can be used to create or balance out any look. I keep this at the front of my palette storage shelf because I reach for it non-stop. I can't even count how many people I've recommended this item to. The only issue people might have could be with the packaging, because it's kind of thick, but it is nice and compact. The good thing about that is that the sturdy package will help keep the shadows from crumbling during travel as well. I cannot say how much I LOVE this palette, but I think you get my point. This is definitely a must-have holy grail item for me!

Great colors

Not the greatest for durability and application. I'll use it, but it's not my go-to palette :(. If you want a light look- it's great for that Some of the colors work well together.


I love all matte everything idk why Its very perfect and clean to me dont need to be heavy handed while using these shadows blend nicely def affordable and colors last along time the guide shows u nice looks to create u need a good base before appling this shadow some fall out pack on and blend blend blend nice color pay off stays all day

My Go-To Eyeshadow Palette

Love love love to use this palette for everyday and professional makeup look, as well as for photography! I love that it is Matte and it creates the definition/contour I need to enhance my eyes. I often use my fingers for its warmth when applying this eyeshadow because of its powdery consistency. It is my go to makeup!

This palette wins the gold!

I've always been in love with Two Faced. I just never really loved the super shimmery colors that were given in some of the palettes! When I found out about this matte palette, I freaked! The colors are perfect for both day and night. You can also make this look super bold, or very natural! I love how versatile this Is!

Good shade range

I actually got this for my mom for Christmas because she doesn't like shimmery colors, but of course I had to give it a try! The colors are fairly nicely pigmented and silky. I like the colors, because I feel they give you a good range of dark and light. You could use this palette to give you a very subtle daytime look, but you could also use it for a night time smokey look. The reason I knocked a star off is because some of the colors are lacking in pigment just a tiny bit, but overall the pigmentation is good.