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Absolutely Flawless Concealer



Full coverage for spot treatment, creases under eyes.

This concealer was a good, not great purchase of mine. If you're looking for full coverage of acne spots or around the nose area, this might be the product for you (especially if you're in need of a full-coverage concealer). I would probably use the caveat that if you have very dry skin, then this concealer might be slightly drying, so perhaps best suited for normal-oily-combo skin. However, if you're looking for a concealer that multi-tasks as an under-eye concealer, then move along, nothing to see here. When this product is applied under the eye (even after moisturizing), it gathers in any little lines that may be creeping around the eye area, and magnifies them. Now, I'm sure that I have a few fine lines, but in no way do I consider myself to have wrinkles that warrant such harsh treatment from a concealer! This was a good concealer to have on hand in my gym bag for any post-workout fixes, but I never considered it part of my daily makeup "routine" in the mornings or for evenings out. All in all: good for dark spots, bad for eye area.


Its perfectly named! It covers up the imperfections on my face and I don't need that much to do it! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a natural flawless everyday look.


I really love the coverage of this concealer. It covers my dark circles and acne marks really well. It's incredible BUT It creases like a b**ch lol I can't figure out how to make that stop. I've tried primer, setting powder etc. It eventually creases really bad and I just blend it out. I'll figure it out lol

Overall, good concealer, but I still like my MAC Studio Finish a bit better

Got this in Vanilla (the lightest color at the Sephora I was at...not sure if they have lighter shades), and it's a good color for me (I'm an NC15 in MAC...pale!). As others have said, a little goes a long way, so I have to be careful to get the teensiest droplet on my fingertip (I don't like to use a brush with this product) and carefully dab it on to apply _and_ smooth it out. If I'm not careful, it does end up looking a bit greasy later on. I still like the Mac a bit better because for my skin tone, it's a closer match. So a limitation might be the lack of subtler shades (or, the requirement that you have a very careful & precise hand when getting the product out of the squeeze tube!).


I loved this concealer. It is a lot lighter than the MAC concealer I had been using! It has great coverage without the heaviness and I didn't get crazy greasy throughout the day, but also did not dry out my skin! best purchase for my skin type!

Great coverage but tacky :(

The color is perfect for my fair to light complexion but the texture is very sticky. Full coverage but hard to blend and will definitely settle into lines unless you set with powder. But by then it ends up looking a little cakey. Love how it hides my super dark under eye circles but I won't purchase again.

Great quality

This concealer is great, a little goes a long way. Coverage is flawless and I'm very pleased with the overall quality of this product. This is much less expensive than a lot of other concealers I have tried and is just as good, if not, better! I would definitely recommend this.


I have this concealer, I have used it only about five times at the most and it was very pigmented, a little goes a long way, but throughout the day my face sort of got greasy. It all depends on your skin type!

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I bought this concealer about a year or so ago now and it's so perfect. I couldn't ask for anything better from a concealer. It has great color and pigmentation and blends into my mixed ethnicity skin really well. Covers my blemishes flawlessly and doesn't interfere with any things else I'm putting on my face. I will repurchase this.

Flawless high coverage

I use this when wanting a more high coverage/heavier Makeup look. This lasts forever bc a little goes a long way. Over time I've learned that I personally get the best look with I apply with a beauty blender and add Banana Powder on top, or else it tends to have a more oily/greasy look.