I went into Sephora looking for an eyeliner that will stay on through intense workouts. This didn't budge at all through 3 hours of sweaty volleyball practice. The color is intense and it applies fairly easily but not as easy as other non-waterproof liners that I have. The tip is somewhat stiff and it can be hard to draw a line if you have eyelids like mine that are pretty wrinkly and tend to snag and cause the liner to skip. I'm also pretty shaky with my hand. So I work slowly with this liner and pull my lid from the outer corner tight so that it doesn't snag. It really does last!!! It didn't come off at all during my sweaty volleyball session-- and I SWEAT a lot! I give it 4 stars because it isn't as easy to apply as other liners I've tried. Waterproof--YES. Ease of use-- depends on your type of eyes and technique.

Easy to apply, makes me cry.

I have an insane case of the jitters in the morning because I'll have went so long for coffee. I prefer felt-tipped liners as they are so much easier to control. I loved the effect of this liner, but after an hour or so it would just flake off of my eye and into it so I was constantly teary and red-eyed. It wasn't worth it as I've found similar liners from the drugstore that didn't end up hurting me.

Best Liquid

This liner has recently come out with two colors for spring, Indigo and Brown. I am absolutely in love with this liner. I wear it almost everyday!

I usually have long days. Usually because I have both school and work. This liner stays on without fail. It doesn't smear, rub off, or fade. It's also truly a carbon black. Since the black is so pigmented, it works so well to create a dark cat eye.

I love the felt pen. The lines can be as thick or as thin as you want. It also doesn't start to break apart like some other felt tip liners I've tried.

My favorite.


Went to Ulta and tested this on my hand just to get a feel of the pen. I gave it a few seconds to dry and then rubbed it with my finger. And again. Like really hard. Didn't budge at all. Seriously amazing, stays on through accidental naps and everything else. It's on until you take it off.

My Go-To Liquid Liner

I have been using Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner for quite sometime and for the most part, I really like it! It has a pointy, felt tip (at first) which makes it easy to use. Especially for creating a wing or cat-eye look. The best thing about this liner is the color. The "Intense Black" is a true black that doesn't fade or look like a dark grey. And as the name states, it does stay on all day without smudging or falling out. (Note: I only apply this over my eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, not on the lower eyelid)

The only reason why I subtracted half a star is due to the fact that the felt tip tends to wear out while there is still product left, making it difficult to apply with precision. This doesn't happen right away, but I will start to notice it around 3/4 of using up the eyeliner. Aside from that, I really do enjoy this liquid liner and will continue to re-purchase until I find another/better "intense-black-stay-on-all-day" liner comes along.


So I got this eyeliner because a sephora worker recommended it to me when I was on the look out for a good liquid eyeliner. That was last year when I got my first one which just tells you they last FOREVER because just yesterday I bought my second one. So they are long lasting, but it is also the perfect eyeliner, it's smooth and easy and it stay put until you take it off

This is the best liquid eyeliner I've found!

It stays on looking like it's just been applied all day! You could be outside in the hot sun, or working out hard at the gym after a long day of work and it's still on afterwords. It doesn't even smudge, I absolutely love it. I think I got it for like 18 bucks which is a bit pricy but trust me it's worth it. It's high pigmented and goes on so smooth and the applicator tip is thin for precise thin line. I do the cat eye look and I never mess it up with this eyeliner. I can't say one bad thing about it. You should definitely give it a shot!

The Best

This eyeliner is honestly perfection. I have had mine for five months and it is still going strong. The tip has kind of started pulling apart but nothing major. It can be scary because of how long the wear is (I had a swatch on my hand for three days) but the eyeliner breaks down nicely with remover.

My favorite!

I've been looking for a good eyeliner for years and I've finally found it!
This one is amazing, it's so easy to work with and it last really well. It doesn't last all day on my watery eyes, but I haven't found anything that does so ): But I finally think my eyeliner looks great after I applied it, where I before had big problems making straight, perfect lines. Not anymore!

I simply love it <3


This is the most amazing eyeliner I've ever tried, mainly because it is super waterproof! First of all, it's very easy to apply because it glides on so smoothly. It also has great pigmentation, that doesn't smudge at all. It's so beautiful and very easy to control the thickness of your line. I love it so much!