Perfecting Concealer


Jill S.
Like Butter?

I am on my 3rd tube. In more than 3 years! This stuff is amazing for acne, scars, even tattoo coverage. It's capable of total coverage without being cakey or dry. As a matter of fact it's almost got a glossiness to it. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting some great coverage without a thick/gommy feel. Enjoy!

Annie K.

This concealer provides medium-heavy coverage, I would say. Sometimes I think it appears a tad cakey, but I think it also depends on if you use moisturizer beforehand and how you touch it up later in the day. It probably also depends on how much you use, since the more you use the more cakey it looks. It stays really well, and I use it during intense dance performances. My face sweats a lot, but while all my foundation is practically melting off, the concealer looks absolutely fine. Sometimes I use a teeny bit on my lips (over chapstick or else it gets all flaky) for a neutral base, since my lips are so pigmented. Although the tube is small, you don't need much of it at all. I probably use a water drop sized amount for my under-eye circles and a few red spots here and there. I also use it to brighten the edges of my nose and the corners of my mouth. A little bit really goes a long way!

Nancy-Lee C.
Good coverage, natural finish

I would say, this is my #3 favourite product from stila, following #1 shadows & #2 H2O proof eyeliner.

The trick is to use a concealer brush. I use Sonia Kashuk's collect at target, brush #14.

I use it to cover dark circles, blemishes and lighten dark areas around my nose and mouth. It covers easily and it pretty transparent under your foundation. Shake well, before use. It loses a star because it is overpriced.

Saoirse R.
Sadly it's way too dark.

I bought this in the lightest shade and it was miles too orange for my skin, I can normally work with a slightly darker concealer but this was much too dark for the lightest shade.

It does give good coverage and is quite thick and heavy. I actually liked the coverage it gave, but it was just too dark. If it were in my shade I think it would be really good!