Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder


My All Time Favorite Foundation

I purchased my first Halo right after they hit the stores. I had been wearing BE but noticed it was accentuate very fine lines. When I heard this had water particles in it for hydration, I had to try it. It is very cooling as you apply it, you can go from very light to medium coverage. If I have a blemish, I use a concealer brush & pat it over the area then just use a powder brush to finish application. This lasts for a very long time as well. The only thing I don't like is the cheap buki brush it comes with. It is nowhere near as nice as my other Smashbox brushes. Great stuff :)


This is a FANTASTIC powder! Some days I use it as a foundation, some days as a setting powder & it never lets me down. Never looks dry or powdery. Just melts in with my skin or foundation & leaves me looking natural & flawless. I love the packaging. It's never messy. You twist the container to shave off the desired amount and that's it.

I lOve the Smashbox Halo powder!!! Awesome!!

I am one of the Make-up artist at Ulta Beauty!! We sell Smashbox Halo powder like crazy!!!I also wear it everyday with the Photofinish Primer.(Great Combonation)!! The Camera ready concealer is a must have also.. Try it Out!!

HALO not the angel of all powders...

Halo hydrating perfecting powder certainly promises a lot of thing but in my opinion is not all that great. The packaging is kind of neat. You twist to grate powder for use and that is about the only unique quality of this powder. I have dry skin and this powder did nothing to help hydrate it. It sets your make up like most powders will and using a light application will prevent it from caking or accentuating fine line. It's not a bad powder. It's just a powder that will cost you around $60.

Best powder

I love love love love this powder!! It deposits the right amount of powder to use and leaves a nice, dewy finish to your face. It's pricey but it's worth it because it has lasted me a very long time.

So great!

I received this as a Christmas gift and I must say - I'm a fan! I love the way the powder feels and it has a great finish. The little travel size kabuki that comes with it is alright, but I definitely prefer to use one of my other brushes.

I love the fact that you can twist and shave off the amount of powder you need. And as always, Smashbox has designed such sleek, beautiful packaging for it. I really appreciate this product and will buy another when I use this one up! :)

I absolutely LOVE this powder! I have super dry skin so it works great for me, and I also was color-matched extremely well! The only downside is that (for me personally) it's quite expensive, so I try to use it sparingly to keep it around longer!

Really doesn't dry me out

Covers really well, is very easy to use, I can build it up when I want to and just dust over for the school run.

I have dry skin and this is great on my skin even without a primer or moisturiser.

this powder offers you really good coverage i got a deluxe sample from smashbox. It really blended well looks natural and doesn't cake up. Also provides a light luminous glow thats will have the spotlight on you wherever you go. :D

Halo is heaven

Anything anti-aging I try and most likely use. A powder that dosnt make me look older..good for me and dosnt make my skin break out..this is it!! I use it alone or over foundation. Been using it for a few yrs now, and it last forever. Not to mention that it is always fresh, w/ a twist of the top fresh powder is ground out for you!! I am very fair so this is the perfect color for me..never washed out looking. In the summer I use the light shade for a bit of extra color on my cheeks!