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These are one of my favorite lipsticks at the drugstore. These really are lasting like the name said. I only have to touch maybe once or twice in an 8 hour day. These are a wonderful texture and go on so smoothly. They are very inexpensive and come in a good shade range not as much as some but a pretty good range. I would say that this line have more of a colorful selection rather than a nude or natural color selection which is nice because when i want to reach for some color in my collection i know to reach for one of these because they always spice up my look. My favorite everyday shade would have to be paradise its a mauvey pinkish color! These are moisturizing so you dont really need a gloss but i always where a gloss over all of my lipsticks. Some are shimmer and some are matte. I like both equally they both go on great and all of the shades that i have tried been pigmented. great for layering on top of other lipsticks to ive found that it makes the other lipstick las long as well.

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Honestly, my favourite lipstick. I dont wear lipstick often but when i do its this one. Its one of those "my lips but better" color. Its a gorgeous color on every skin tone in my opionion. Ive used it on darker skin colors, to pale and inbetween. I love it somuch im on my 2nd tube of it! and i will keep buying it!

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Creamy and Delicious.

Originally I bought this color to use for a show I was in that took place in the 1940's. I was a little concerned about the color at first because it looks a bit dull. I tried it out a few times before opening night just to check and make sure that it was the right color and would last for an hour with almost constant singing and speaking.
Wow. Just wow. I absolutely love this lipstick. It's rich and creamy, and smells like cherries! It moisturized my lips as well as kept them a beautiful true pin-up girl red. this is a matte finish lipstick, though it has a bit of a shimmer to it when it's applied, so to kick it up a notch I paired it with Trucco's Divynals lip gloss in Firecracker (which unfortunately has been discontinued *sadface*) which made it an ultra sexy shiny color. I was really really surprised at this lipstick, even on it's own lasted ages without needing to be touched up (about 6-8 hours) and stayed a true red without cracking or smudging or bleeding. Though to be fair I did use a concealer pencil to go around the outside of my lips (then blended it out really well) which helps the perfect red lip. The texture, the smell the length and color pigmentation on this is amazing. Even (like I said) alone it has lasting power and looks amazing if you like a nice matte lip. Even with just a clear gloss (I use the Jane Plumping Clear Gloss sometimes) it looks amazing. I highly recommend this color if you're into a really sexy fiery red lip. I don't know about any of the other colors because I haven't had a chance to pick up any more, though the price is good too. I think mine was around $4.00 CAD in Shoppers Drugmart which is a great price for a product that works so very well. You get a good amount of product too, at 4grams and the packaging is pretty cute too. So go go go and purchase! It's definitely worth investing in a few of these. Btw this is me wearing the color with hair all done for the show. Hubby demanded photos because he loves the pinup style makeup so much.


I've been searching for a good red lipstick for a long time. I want it to last long and I want feel good. So I saw this lasts 8 hours, sounds pretty right? Well it's true. My good through with it I tested it wear. I pressed my lips against a paper towel over ten times and the color was still vibrant. It feels good and doesn't dry your lips (hallelujah!) It's a super bright red that can go from day, to night, to a costume all at once. Love it.

It's pretty average imo. I like the colour Paradise, it's a lovely pinky-mauve with a cremesheen finish. However, besides the shade, there's nothing else I really like about it. The scent lingers and it's not pleasant, like the scent of a lipsmacker. It lasts about an hour before reapplication is needed. It settles into the outline of your lips if you don't use a lipliner. Also may I add the packaging is atrociously old-fashioned, not a fan!

It's $5 at my local Walmart. Honestly, for $2 more you can get a Revlon lippie which, in my opinion, is so much better and Revlon's packaging looks chic!

Like fruit punch on the lips

This is a good alternative to the red lip. It still provides that wow factor, but in a lovely shade of pink. Moisturizing and creamy, it will be my go to for hot summer lips.

Wanted to love it but I didn't.

I purchased this lipstick based on rave reviews online and constant mentions on Youtube. Rimmel’s Airy Fairy is a peachy slightly pink nude with a cream finish. It has a cherry scent.

I was so excited and I really wanted to love this color, but it’s just not the right shade of nude for me. I found this lipstick very drying on the lips and I notice that the lipstick doesn't blend and sink into my lips. The product just kind of floats on the lips. Nice color but I’m still searching for that perfect nude lipstick!

Great everyday lipstick!

The color is so pretty yet so versatile. This can be worn alone or under a gloss. It's more of a muted pink than it appears in the picture but that just makes it all the more wearable. It's so easy to overlook this product in the drugstore because the packaging isn't very cute like the other lipsticks but I'm so happy I decided to pick it up.


This is pretty much my favorite drugstore lipstick. Kiss is my go-to lip color when I want just a pop of pink to look more together. It's a hot pinkish color that's similar to my lips with a slight frost. The lipstick is creamy and glides on easily. It lasts with a lip liner pretty long, and in a 6-8 hour day I usually only touch up about 3 times - but that might just be my OCD. Very nice color & very nice formula.

Great :)

I love this lipstick ! It's great because it actually stays on your lips ! I love Paradise because it's isn't too over the top and it's a really nice shade so it looks dressy ... but not super duper dressy .