Physicians Formula

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Pop Collection


Nikki S.
I love this palette!

Most of the colors in this are really nicely pigmented. I don't have green eyes, but I love it anyway. This palette had the most variety of colors and is just so beautiful. I love all the colors. The two greens in this are beautiful, and I use the blue as an inner corner highlight a lot as well! I recommend this palette to everyone, don't just worry about buying the one for your eye color, have fun with it!

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Cassandra W.
One of my favorite go to eyeshadows

I love this group of colors. They make my eye color pop and the color pay off is great. They are shimmery without being too much and they play well together. I love to mix and match...add in some matte colors...and finish it off with dramatic lashes.

Shin M.
good for the price.

Ok so its Physicians Formula, its not going to be the best eye shadow you ever had but definately not the worst! Overall, all bias aside I use this palette a lot. I'm not unhappy with it at all. The colors last long, after the day is over I check and there is no fading or creasing, However I do wear a primer, I also know that they work well with water so if the colors arent popping exactly the way you like, try dipping your BRUSH (not the applicator it comes with , thats crap throw it away) lol, in some water for a more dramatic effect.

this isn't getting the highest rating just because there is a lack of matte colors one or two would have been nice. And you can get better palettes by klean color for cheaper. but for being a store brand not mad at it at all. :)

Raven N.
Good pigmentation but not enough color range/too shimmery

I have tried a couple of these palettes and it is one of those palettes that I used a few times and then gave away. It wasn't bad by any means, it just wasn't amazing. The colors are bright and pigmented but just way to similar. If you want to do multiple colors I find that they just tend to blend together over time into one shimmery color since the colors are all so similar and so shimmery. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE shimmery eye shadows - these are GREAT for a wash of color, especially if you aren't used to bright colors and want to experiment but these really need a darker color that is matte so you can add more depth to the eyes.

Emilie N.
Not what i expected.

I got these for christmas and i figured since they were physicians formula that they would be great! Dont get me wrong, they have great pigmentation. But all the colors have the same finish and no matte colors what so ever. Im a sucker for matte, so these colors werent exactly what im in to. The colors are beautiful, just not for me. Another thing, the packaging is really hard to open! If you dont have nails (Thank god i do) its really difficult to open. Also, Since the colors arent separated, its hard to pick up just one color with a makeup brush!

Victoria D.

Truth be told, I was expected a litttleee more from these shadows. For starters, every shadow has the same finish. Shimmery and frosty. And that's absolutely fine, but with 9 shades, some variety always helps. As for pigmentation, not so wonderful. But again, great if you're looking for a more sheer, frosty finish for something. It's definitely possible to make them work, but it's gonna take a little bit of effort on your end. I'm sure they would look better over some sort of sticky base, as compared to eyeshadow primer alone which is what I used with them. I returned mine. And I probably won't bother to try another one.