NYX Cosmetics

Nail Polish – Black

Intense color and long lasting nail polish. Advance applicator brush picks up the right amount of liquid and smoothly glides on nails with no lumps or lines. NYX Nail Polish has a super quick dry formula. NYX Nail Polish has 150 drop dead colors to choose from, its a rainbow of heaven.


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Elaina Y.
Elaina Y.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair; Sensitive, Combination, Normal

Hair: Black; Coarse, Normal

Great product

I use this product for nail art rather than for painting all over my entire nail. The packaging for this product is very nice, I think the square-ish bottle is really cute. There is a standard amount of product and the brush is also standard.
The formula is great, very opaque colour, and the colour is exactly what you see in the bottle. It is not too thick so it's easy to work with, and it does not dry out too fast. The formula dries at a pretty decent speed when you apply it on your nails. The staying power is great, for nail art the polish will last until you switch your manicure. I purchased this during IMATS, so this was very inexpensive (
$3-$4). There is a huge colour range for this collection. I would definitely recommend checking out this NYX polish if you can find it in your local area.