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Eye Pencil


absolutley adore these eye pecils. there so creamy and easy to glide on. they go on to the waterline very smoothly and not rough and hard like other pencils do. The color payoff is really amazing they are very highly pigmented. if you want and even more amazing look, top off with eyeshadow, i like my waterline to be loud and bright so i usually place a color on top of the pencil for the ultimare color payoff, but you dont need eyeshadow on top to still get amazing color. my favorite colors are 'Moss" a dark green color, 'satin blue' a beautiful turquoise blueish color, and the purple color, but i forgot the name. i definitley reccommend these pencils


I'm not sure if this is the product I'm looking for (glide on/slide on), but it's an eye pencil and really the only one on here available for review. I was looking for a forest green and a white liner and I had heard so many wonderful things about NYX liners (I have used quite a few of their products and quite enjoy them), so while I was doing some holiday shopping in Ulta I picked up the shades I wanted. They were having a buy one get one half off sale, and I THOUGHT they were $4.49 each, which sounded like a steal. The signs were placed poorly however, and they were actually $7.99 each. Already very annoying, but I really brought that upon myself. I decided I would just deal with the price because the colors were perfect and I had fallen in love with them... Until my eyes felt like they had caught fire after using them! I am so allergic to the liner, and I have never had a makeup allergy before (even with sensitive skin). I'm so angry! I never in a million years would have thought I'd be allergic to a brand that I had never had any kind of problem with, but these liners just about killed my poor eyes! I honestly hope they'll change whatever is in the formula that causes that irritation, because I would love to give them another shot because the color payoff is great and they do stick. As for now, I'm stuck with two useless liners that I can't give away or use on anyone else because I've used them on my own eyes. Avoid these liners if you have sensitive skin.

Why NYX, why??

This definitely makes the miss list for me. I bought three when Ulta was having their buy two get one free deal, I got a pearly one and two glitters and oh gosh....they are just so awful I mean the actual product is so rough! It actually kind of hurts to put it on my lid and the pigmentation isn't up to par either. Forget about trying to put this on your waterline...I'm afraid I'd tear the skin.

Liner or Color Pencil?

I bought one of the Nyx Eye Pencils in black and it is awful! I paid $3 for a color pencil for my eyes. It barely lines at all. I mainly bought it for my water line and it hardly leaves a mark. I had to press it on hard to get a light charcoal color instead of black. This liner in my opinion is not worth it at all, which is sad because I love Nyx products.

I have not tried a lot of the colors but the ones I have tried like Sapphire and Emerald City I gotta say I love them. They are very pigmented and creamy enough where it makes it easy to apply to my sensitive eyes. They don't have the best staying power because they are creamy but I usually set it with an eyeshadow.
I bought mine from Beauty Joint for 1.75 which is very inexpensive.


not long lasting :[

Pretty disappointed! Thought I was getting a bargain. With the color 'moss' I had a really hard time applying over shadow - not pigmented at all. I got 'green glitter' and it applies over the shadow fairly well. Def more pigmented. I love this color - it makes my blue eyes pop! Also got the color 'sapphire'. Love this color too. My biggest problem is I cant get these to stay on my lids even with a primer. Within a few hours I have color above my crease and it drives me nuts. Colors are lovely except for 'moss'... wish these worked better cause Id really like to use them but Ill be investing in something better to replace these

It's hard finding good eye pencils around here and esp. NYX products that aren't overly expensive. I bought this in black & it has to be one of my most favorites. I have yet to find another that will top this eye liner and I'm picky!

I bought these hoping to use them over my nude eyeshadow look and was greatly disappointed. they were very hard, and not as pigmented as i'd hoped. even warming them up does nothing. just screws up the eyeshadow.. very unfortunate, will never buy again.

Usually, I am a huge NYX fan. I think most of their products are on par with high end products in terms of quality but for a drugstore price. These, however, were very disappointing to me. The pencils were hard and when I swiped them, they deposited very little color. They are definitely not a product I would recommend.