Bronzing Powder


multipurpose product

Green based bronzer that goes lovely on all skin colors without looking orange or muddy!
I love how it starts off as a soft shade rather than a clump of powder like a lot of other bronzers I've tried - but can also be built up for the ultimate contouring !
I also put Laguna in my eyebrows for a softer, more natural look. I also use this as a transition color in a lot of makeup looks I do :)
Holds a lot of product + the packaging is so slim and not a pain to put in your makeup bag
you really cant go wrong with this product??

Lives up to the hype!

I have used this in my kit for years! My clients love this because it has just the right amount of pigment and shimmer. Nars hit the nail on the head with this one. Plus it looks great on a variety of light skintones. If you are meduim to dark Casino is the perfect color - check it out!


I use this to sculpt not to actually "bronze" my entire face. I usually avoid bronzers with shimmer like a plague because I dont usually like the way they look on my skin and also because it doesn't create a natural "shadow" for scuplting. Although this has a touch of shimmer it's pretty much undetectable and I can use it for sculpting. The shade is perfect for my skin! It's not too yellow that it looks fake tan-ish and it's not too cool that it looks dull. It's right in the middle.
Not going to lie I thought this was product was all hype until I got it in my little albatross, orgasm, laguna trio and I will definitely be repurchasing it since I use it every day.


This bronzer is by far THE BEST. It compliments my skin tone. It gives me the perfect sunkissed glow I look for. I've tried it on friends with different skin tones and it looks great. Nars is a little on the pricey side, put it's so worth it. You get TONS of product, so you most def. get your moneys worth. Love it.

hottest bronzer out there!

i have casino & laguna. they are the hottest bronzers out there.
they dont leave you orange, they have great shimmer.
i absolutely can live without the laguna illuminator, it goes all over my body!!
anyone can wear bronzer weather your super light or super dark. it all about application!


I would say I was pretty fair-skinned during my younger years up until I moved away for college that was literally a two minute walk away from the beach. So for the next three and a half years, I acquired a great tan!

However, after moving to a place with "real" winters, my natural California left me pretty pale and pasty! I now seriously pass by mirrors and become surprised at my complexion. I was considering this bronzer or the Guerlain one but eventually chose this one.

I use this mostly to dust some color on my face. I'm not particularly good at contouring my cheeks but I do use this to contour my nose a bit. The color suits me well and the quality of the product is quite nice.


The best bronzer ever! I couldn't find anything else like it it's better than other products from walmart , or the bronzers that have a orange look, it's really good for contouring and it has a great color!!!! I would recomond people to try it!

Fricking amazing

Honestly I love my bronzes, and have quite the fair share of them, this is one of my favorites, it goes well with my skin tone, blends easily and lasts all day, which I really do appreciate.

So natural

I always struggle to find a bronzer that highlights my face and doesn't make it look cakey. This is by far the best bronzer I've tried it looks so natural and nice. Will definitely be vying more👌

I have Laguna and I love it! It has a small amount of shimmer, but isn't noticeable on the cheeks. I find I can use it to contour aswell as bronzing my
face. It isn't muddy or orange it is a perfect colour, and worth every penny!