Michael Kors

Very Hollywood


This is a light sweet smelling and elegant perfume. Its not to overpowering however the scent does not last for long. For the price in would be sure to recommend this. If you buy it your sure to smell fabulous for a short while at least!

Smells good at first but seems to wear away. :/ nobody commented on how it smelled so I figured nobody could smell it! I liked the smell, I just wish it would stay on longer! I wouldn't buy this product again.

Another nice light fregrance for people who don't want a strong scent

This is a very light scent that makes you feel gorgeous and glamorous. Its not strong and overly floral which I love. It has great staying power and its great for people who have allergies like I do and my nose is never irritated with this.

I love this fragrance!!!! I haven't found a Michael Kors fragrance that I didnt fall in love with. I suggest not buying this frangrance... so that I am the only one who smells fabulous!


The first time I smelled this fragrance was on a good friend of mine as I reached to give her a hug. Smells amazing!! Been a fan ever since! Has a very feminine and of course "Very Hollywood" scent I'm sure many girls will love. I think it's versatile but definitely an elegant fragrance.

My Babes got me this past weekend, I love it.. Smells soft, not over bearing. It smells Yummy so great for office spaces! It reminds me of a bush full of gardenia's that just bloomed! I recommend this fragrance especially if you work next to ppl who don't like a whole lot of smells.


This is a super glamourous perfume! It's definitley not overly florally or anything like that. It's almost musky with a slight undertone of fruits. I get compliments on it often to top it off the bottle is gorgeous! lol

Favorite scent

I get complements on this perfume all the time. I first got a sample of this in one of my Sephora orders and it was a must buy for me. It smells great, but can be overpowering if you put to much on if your not paying attention.

This is a nice light fragrance. The scent is not over powering at all. You may have to get close to a person in order to smell it which could be a good thing or bad thing. This fragrance is great for work where you don't won't to wear an over powering scent. The bottle itself is beautiful!

try it before you buy it

If you can get a sample of this, do that first before buying this product. It smells nice on me, I get compliments on it all the time. I did notice though that when friends borrow it or my mom it is completely different for them. I am not very good at describing scents so bare with me! It is a light floral (not overpowering in any way) and it says it has mandarin which you get a very little hint of. The fragrance itself is light and sophisticated. I can wear this daily without worrying about overpowering a room. One of my favorites!