Dream Matte Mousse Foundation



This product is not meant for dry skinned individuals. It just does not sit on the skin properly, even with moisturizer and a facial primer underneath. It goes on beautifully, but after ten minutes of wear, it's a hot flakey, cakey mess.

Simply Wonderful! I couldn't ask for more!

I tried this out after a bust on a cheaper foundation. The coverage on this is just perfect & it blends extremely well, allowing for me to look natural while covering imperfections!

I am buying this again & again & again!!


I was pretty amazed the first time I tried this product.
I have oily skin so I thought I'd give this a try since it gives a matte finish.
Let me just say that this melts into the skin and does give you a matte finish. A little product does go a long way. I recommend using a foundation brush to apply this foundation.
It gives an amazing coverage. It covers any redness or dark spots on my skin.
I really like this foundation.

Good and Bad

To start with the shade I bought matched my winter skin color perfectly (aka white ghost) and it's from the drugstore so it won't break the bank.
The problems I have with this foundation is that I'm a young teenager and I just found the finish too UNNATURAL. It is very matte and with me being so pale it made me look LIKE A CHINA DOLL. In the winter I had dry skin and this does look GOOD ON DRY SKIN, I had no problems with clinging oddly. So it gives a sort of AIRBRUSHED perfect look. (can be great for some people!)
Another bad thing I found was that it does sort of DISINTEGRATE THOUGH THE DAY, even with not oily skin. This could be that my powder wasn't very good or due to the fact that I never touchup my powder.
The application is BEST WITH A SPONGE, I tried using a flat ecotools foundation brush but it was such a hassle because the texture makes it very hard to apply with a brush. Using a sponge makes it look very pretty and with a slightly damp sponge thats wrung out it makes it a bit more sheer and natural. I actually really do not recommend a brush also because it applies the foundation too heavily (thinking back this could have been what I was experiencing the day it was sort of disintegrating)
Lastly I find the COVERAGE TO BE AVERAGE, it evens out skin tone but doesn't cover bright red acne scars or dark eye bags. The only problem is it is NOT BUILDABLE, what you see it what you get. Try layering and it will only backfire.

YOU WILL LIKE THIS IF: you like a flawless matte finish, you apply it lightly (with a sponge), you have a good concealer for anything you really need to cover, you don't have very oily skin, you don't mind touching up powder in the T-zone.


i have used this product for a while but after a while i started to notice it made my skin look flaky and rubbed off too easily, the colors made my skin look orange when i first applied it but during the day it got paler. i soon switched foundation. it was a good foundation but wasnt my type. xx


I was using this for a production, and it melted under the lights!! Doesn't apply well, rolls up in "tubes" when I tried to apply! This product doesn't blend, is impossible to apply, smells funny, overall I don't recommend this at all.

Does not stay on, oily!

This foundation is a mess. It does not stay on at all nor gives good coverage. It is very light and airy though but it almost feels very oily as a result. Nice finish but no stay power. Waste of money!


I've been using this product for weeks and I wouldn't change it ever ever ever. I've got bad skin and it provides great coverage. I apply it with the Elf powder brush by stippling and then blending in circular motions. It doesn't wear throughout the day and is super lightweight. Also I have VERY fair skin and it's so hard to find a foundation that doesn't leave a line of demarcation. This product matches my skin perfect and leaves a very smooth transition from make up to skin. I loooove it :)


i love this foundation, goes on super smooth, easy application even with my fingers...stays on all day even with my oily skin! i use it mainly for a light sheer coverage, for a full coverage i wouldnt recommend :] .

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The BEST Foundation For Oily Skin!

I did a review here on Beautylish about the Revlon ColorStay Foundation in the summer and I said that it was my favorite foundation...I now recant that. This mousse foundation is the BEST foundation for my skin. I have combination oily skin and this foundation mattifies my face like no other; it says matte all day! The texture is so freaking smooth like you can barely tell you are putting on foundation. I think it is super buildable if you want more coverage, but for me I like medium to full coverage because I still want to look somewhat natural and not TOO airbrushed. Lol. I use my L'oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base as a primer undrneath and that helps the foundation last longer. I still would set it with a powder as well and if you have dry skin do NOT get this product because it will make it even more dry! The one thing I have to say you need to be careful for is the cakiness because it IS a mousse which has a cakey consistency all on its own. But if you have the right brush (or fingers) and the right amount of foundation, you will look amazing!


- Price
- Availability
- Good for oily skin
- Mattifies all day


- Cakiness
- Not good for flash photography
- You are still reading this and not going out to buy it!