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Nichole H.
Nichole H.
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Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair-Medium; Normal

Hair: Blonde; Dry, Coarse

Best glitter on the market!

I absolutely adore Lit Cosmetics Glitter. Roxy Roller is my favorite color but Barbie Shops is my favorite add on for the top of other colors of eye shadow. I like the S2 texture. It is the perfect size of glitter, not too big but not powder either. The liquid base works great as a primer too if you want to add a ton of extra color to your shadow. It will take more shadow to cover the lid though because it absorbs a lot. However you will have the most vibrant eyes ever!!

A tip on application: First use a shadow primer, then add shadow. Use a dark shadow to emphasize the color of glitter. It is even better when you cam match the shadow to the glitter color. For colors like Barbie Shops, it looks great on bright colors the best. For that I only use a small amount so that the color shows more & the glitter just accents the color.

Use a small flat brush (like a lip gloss brush) & dip it into the glitter liquid base (glitter adhesive),pull some excess off on the side of the bottle as you pull the brush out, but do not remove too much from the brush) then blot/dab it onto your eye OVER your shadow. (dpn't spread it or you will remove some of your color) IMMEDIATELY (before it can dry) use a fluffy small round brush (i use a soho smudge but it cannot be one that has tight bristles...they need to be fluffy but not too fluffy) & dip it into the glitter & then dab it onto the lid...repeat. If you miss a spot, clean the flat brush with a makeup wipe/spray & tissue. Then reapply a small amount prior to adding glitter again. I also use a liner brush to add glitter under my eye...,.one to dip in the glitter & one in the liquid.

BE SURE TO CLEAN the brushes every dip or you will contaminate the liquid which lasts a LONG TIME.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have