Lit Cosmetics

Clearly Liquid Glitter Base 30ml



Vincentcha F.
Great product!

I don't have any problems with my glitter eyeshadows when I use product!!!

Samuel W.
No mess, no stress!

I have used everything you can think of to adhere glue to my face - hairspray, makeup setting spray, liquid latex, other companies' forms of glitter adhesive - This product is the easiest to work with, and offers the most rewarding payoff - non-irritating, effective coverage that is as easy to remove as it is to put on! Thanks for throwing all us glitter gals out there a bone!

Noel R.
Results were GREAT!
Noel R.'s Review Image

My client's eyes sparkled exactly as we wanted for her Prom night. She could not even feel the glitter on her lids. I found that it allowed me to build up to desired look. Thank you for making such a nice trustworthy glitter and glitter base sealant.