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Kiehl's Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal


Julia K.
Light but moisturizing

I swiped this from a hotel I was staying at and chucked it under my sink when I got home. Then one night, my hands felt exceptionally dry so I slapped some of this on and went to sleep.

Moisturizing my hands is just not generally my top priority, even in the winter. This is because my skin doesn't seem to get dry... But I should really reconsider because my cuticles and the webbing (ew?) between my thumb and forefinger can get exceptionally dry. If I moisturized more regularly, I'd probably distance the time between manicures.

After trying a few different hand lotions (Sephora by Opi, Vaseline aloe fresh hydrating), I've decided I like this one the best. It doesn't absorb quite as quickly as the other two I mentioned, but is still very fast. There is no cloying scent (mine is unscented). And my hands still feel nice and moisturized the next morning. For those who do have really dry skin, this would be a good fit because it doesn't sting at all, not even when I have a hangnail or some other sensitive spot.

I haven't ever tried it on my body because, well, I don't really moisturize my body all that much either. (Probably something else that I need to correct).

This only gets 4 stars because I feel like it's adequate for my needs, but I'd prefer if it had SPF in it so I could use it in the day. Also, this is weird, but I don't actually love putting it on, I just do it when I remember to. Since moisturizing my hands is a one off right now, my dream five star hand cream would be one that actually makes me look forward to moisturizing, something with what I consider a heavenly scent and a luxurious feel. This isn't it. But it's the best of the numerous ones I've tried recently.