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FINALLY found my HG curler!!!!

I've tried SOOO many lash curlers & never thought I find 'THE ONE' 4 these short, straight, impossible lashes of mine---BUT FINALLY--I found the Kevyn Aucoin--thank U Beautylish!!! This curler is AMAZING--it not only curls my lashes 2 perfection--it doesn't leave u w/that dreaded 'L-shaped' kink! FYI--another tip 4 all u gals & guys w/stick straight lashes like mine--after using the K. Aucoin curler--if u apply ur first coat of mascara w/a waterproof formula--it will lock the curl in place all day--an answer 2 my prayers--for sure! An extra bonus worth mentioning that sets the K.Aucoin curler apart from all the rest is that it opens up so much WIDER than any I've ever used. I've included a pic of my top curlers so u can see the difference 4 yourself! (Shu, Kevyn Aucoin, BillyB-love this 1 too, & MAC)This feature makes it a dream 2 get the lashes right where u want them in the curling device! Get this little darling!! I promise u it's the best out there! :)

And the winner is...

By far the BEST eyelash curler ever! The wide base is perfect for creating a perfectly curled lash. I hardly ever pinch my eyelids anymore. This is seriously ALL you need - do not look any further!!


It can curl all of my upper lashes one time perfectly, and won't hurt my eyelid. It will make a perfect and natural fan-shaped lashes, not a L-shaped. Then the mascara can be applied really easily, and won't leave dirty black marks on the eyelid.

A MUA must-have!

I cannot live without this amazing eye lash curler! It does way better than any curler I've ever used! You must your it to see!

It will get ever lash you didn't even know you had. The trick is to pump the curler a few times and also to move the wanna along the lashes pumping it some more.


not like the other curlers. its fabulous. I have short lashes and OMG it curled it all up. As a MUA I highly recommend this. :) I use it on my clients :)

Just Perfect (:

I've been using this eyelash curler for about a year and it still works better than any eyelash curler I've ever tried, it keeps your eyelashes curled unlike most I've tried that don't even last longer than 10 minutes! Doesn't even cause a clump. Great product, I highly recommend this product(:

love it!!

I received this as part of a 'Bombshell' gift set and I love works really well, and I love Kevyn A. products I have one of his books even awesome!! highly recommend.

Worth it

Maybe I'm just trying to justify the money I spent on it, but this curler does a much better job with much less pinching than any other I've used. Really love it.


Everything you've heard about this curler is true. I didn't think it was possible for my eyelashes to hold their curl after my heavy mascara routine but this curler does the trick.

I'm a convert!

I have reasonably long eyelashes, but they are dead straight to the point of almost being downturned. For the longest time I refused to believe that there was any difference between eyelash curlers and an inexpensive one would do just as good a job as any other. I also spent this time being quite disappointed in eyelash curlers, they never fit around my eye well, created a kink in my lashes rather than a curl (despite me moving and pumping the curler up the length of my lashes) and the kink never remained anyway! After listening to many people tell me that there IS a difference, I finally caved and bought the Kevyn Aucoin one and I absolutely confer that its true - and its all in the pads! The KA curler has a large, rounded, bouncing but still firm pad that seems to prevent the kink from happening. I pump the curler and move it up the length of my lashes and I’m left with a fantastic curl that actually holds. When I’m not wearing makeup I’ll often curl my lashes to lift my eyes, and it lasts all day! Its also nicely rounded which suits my eye shape and prevents pinching. I really can’t imagine going back to another curler now!