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O2M Breathable Nail Enamel



Great Color!!!

659 is really a great soft shade of orange.

not true colors

I love those breathable nail polishes, however I found they have one down side only: the colors change after a couple of hours. once you put on a particular shade it tends to darken after a few hours. what I personally do is I would try on the color at the store, go home and see how it turns out by the next day.

I'm using O2M polish to keep my toenails healthy, but there are tradeoffs

I only wear nail polish on my toes, and only during the summer. I consider OPI nail polishes to be the gold standard and love the range of colors and textures on offer. However, at the end of last summer, I removed my nail polish to discover white opaque patches on the nails of both of my big toes. I searched online to figure out what could be the problem, and I learned that this was just an indication of my nails becoming dehydrated. I was able to treat my bare nails with petroleum jelly and reverse the white spots, but I wondered what to do the following summer, because I consider painted nails to be part of looking well-groomed during sandal season. I learned about Inglot O2M breathable nail polish over the winter, and I was able to go to a boutique on a trip to Montreal to see the colors in person. I chose 612 as my first color (as you can see, O2M nail polishes are quite a bit more costly than other brands). 612 is a nice solid creamy deep fuchsia, not as bright pink as it might appear on your monitor, but definitely a cheerful summer color. Beautylish offers the full range of colors, and they all are solid colors, no metallic or shimmer or other special effects. If you want those effects, you'll still have to go to OPI or other brands (and, of course, those are not breathable nail polishes). I've decided that I will alternate my OPI nail polishes with O2M so that my nails can breathe more, and I'll see at the end of the summer if that keeps my nails in good shape. Besides the price and the more limited palette, another limitation of the O2M nail polish is that it does not seem as durable as OPI nail polish. OPI nail polish can look as good as new for almost three weeks, even without a top coat. However, O2M started getting scratched up after about a week with no top coat. So I ordered the Inglot O2M top coat from Beautylish and am currently testing that out. I suspect that the breathability of O2M probably does make it less durable, and so even if the O2M top coat isn't harder (but it includes diamond dust, so it should be), it is at least one more layer that has to come off before the color can get damaged. Despite these tradeoffs described above, I'm happy that Inglot O2M nail polish exists because it appears that my toenails need to breathe. I'm glad that I can keep them aired out while still being presentable when I wear sandals during the summer.


This is an in-fashion colour, special for summer vacation! I love this colour and Inglot makes it more amazing! it lasts so long and lets your nails to breathe! love it!

Doesn't last long

Beautiful colour, reminds me of my chanel polish in Quartz. I honestly didn't notice much of a difference in nail condition but I don't use nail polish that often. This one is a bit thin and sheer, has a nice finish though. Lasted less than a week before chipping with a top coat

Beautiful & Bright After a Few Takes

666 was my first foray into Inglot's O2M line and off the bat, I'll say that it's lovely, the colour being nice and bright, all that good stuff. Though it is a little sheer, so more than one coat is essential to achieving the desired brightness. It smells a little less strong than other nail polishes and it is... pretty pricey (I paid rm62 for this, y i k e s). But I do like it enough to get more shades.

Hard to determine true color and coverage without actually having

Bought two colors, 611 and 603. I thought 611 would be a true red, but has something else in it - coral, orange? 611 actually covers fairly well and while it's not the red I would have liked, I will wear it. 603 I thought would be a lovely transparent pink like on the model's hand on the website. 603 on my nails looks very opaque, chalky and very bright pink. I maybe could live with that, but every ridge shows. It looked horrible and I doubt I will ever, ever wear it. I do like the claim that the nail polish is breathable which logically is appealing. Given what this product costs, I'm not sure I could recommend it since I think it would be iffy that you'd get the color and coverage you think you're getting.

I like this color, it is all about fashion. great wear that goes great with any jeans shade. looks great on nails and toes. it is really hard to find this shade of blue in any brand. just the perfect shade not too dark not too light ;) the breathable function make gives me a piece of mind that I am not hurting my nails since water and Oxegine can penetrate through this nail polish, your nails can tell you that. I've been using Inglot breathable nail polish line for a year plus, my nails are healthy and in great condition!!! Thanks Beautylish for providing this great product and for the fast shipping and great CS ;)

Love the vast collection of the colors. Every women's dream I suppose. I gifted this to my wife and she loved it a lot. She has also recommended this products to all her friends.

Love the vast collection of the colors. Every women's dream I suppose. I gifted this to my wife and she loved it a lot. She has also recommended this products to all her friends.


this a colour that every strong woman should have! it lasts so much (just like every inglot product) and the colour is so strong! just love it! you should buy it! NOW!