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Andrea O.
Matte Lipsticks!

I love MATTE lipsticks...they're my when i got my hands on a HOT PINK lipstick at Inglot in Miami....i was in love. This baby will stay on for hours....and it smells good and i love it. please do yourself a big favor and buy urself one. its divine!

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Symone B.
Not what I expected but nice

I bought this expecting a blue red but it's a warm toned deep red. At first I was disappointed until I gave it a try. It's very matte(caution to my fellow chap lip ladies lol) so I suggest doing a scrub before hand. But it's a very lovely lipstick. I didn't know the power of it until it endured my sandwich and French fries without slipping out of place. Helpful hint: to see the true shade of the lip color before you buy , I suggest you look a videos and search Pinterest

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Rachel H.
Rachel H.'s Review Image

love this lipstick its a great everyday pink :)) The only thing id say is REALLY make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips first and with this lipstick id absolutely recommend wearing a liner :)

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Melissa B.
Subtle everyday red

I like Inglot's overall formula - the apricot oil means it's not drying on the lips, but the lipsticks are still pretty pigmented and the price is right. When I first got 176 I didn't like it. It's kind of grown on me - it's not a popping, look-at-me red but a more subtle red - you could wear this to work or for an every day look with a neutral eye. It's not quite as vibrant as the pictures, IMO. I still like it, though, for a more subtle look.

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Kalin D.
This color is EVERYTHING

I bought this lip color because my MUABFF recommended it to me. I trust him implicitly and purchased it without even trying it on... it's now my favorite lipstick. It's ultra dry and stays on forever which is saying something considering I basically eat lipstick all day.

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Sunshine S.
love this color

I love the texture and color it isn't drying and stays on for hours my new favorite brand of matte lipsticks Inglot so happy I found this brand love all there products but I went from hardly wearing lipsticks to won't leave till I have it on... Love the pink

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Bec S.
My favorite red!

I think this is one of my all-time favorite reds. It's bright without being too cherry. The texture is creamy and has a nice shine to it. Best of all, it lasts a really long time. I use mine with a reverse lip liner to make sure it doesn't feather and that seems to do the trick. I don't have to worry about it going all over my face, which is great because then you don't have to constantly check. I also like the smell (kind of a berry scent).

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Emma P.
Emma P.'s Review Image

I've been wanting to find the perfect red lip color for my lips and I think I found it. Bright red doesnt look right on me with my tan complexion.This lip color looks really nice! I always wanted to be able to wear red lipstick. And now I can!

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Amanda J.
Amazingly vibrant and moisturizing!

I've fallen asleep with this lipstick on last night and while the color may not have been there, my lips were so smooth and soft! I was surprised by the smell. The scent is pleasant be I can't pinpoint what it is.

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Julie R.

I have two of these, though I forget what the shades are called. They're great. They have very long lasting power, even through eating. They leave a stain behind so you don't have to reapply. The color is very pigmented so you don't have to pile it on. The case is also very good quality, it's pretty solid. Over all, it's a fantastic lipstick and it's cheaper than many others but with such high quality.

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