Nail Polish – Waltz

Essie is the ultimate color authority and the go-to professional nail brand.
150 Shades


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Dylan P.
Dylan P.
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Eyes: Blue

Skin: Medium; Normal

Hair: Normal

Terrible Payoff.

I bought this colour to be a bright white, it looked like the brighter of any of them. One coat is streaky and doesn't really give too much colour payoff at all. A second coat still leaves some translucent spots and just looks dull on my skin tone. Thank god I use it as a base for zebra print so that most of the black covers it up. Really not impressed with this purchase, will not be repurchasing.

Edit;; I also can't stand the brush. I have guy-sized nails, and the brush is too small and does not spread on the nail no matter how much you try to coax it.