Liquid Eyeliner


IDC This is this worst eyeliner. Its like if you go over the line again it erases and it turns like a pale black. It doesnt even last long at all. It was on for 30 minutes and there were huge spots missing. I will never repurchase elf eyeliners ever again.

"Stardust" is light and sparkling

There is no color to this liner. There are lots of little flecks of iridescent shimmery sparkels. I do like the look of this over another liner for added drama.

My fave!

I use this all the time, my alllll time fave! Wearing it in this default and will definitely continue as it is only 1.00! Can't beat the price and it stays on all day!

Good :)

There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news: It's pretty translucent and doesn't give you that true black look unless you go over it a few times. It sometimes smudges off easily... yipes. The good news: You can easily create foolproof perfectly-shaped or barely-there lines, and for a price so cheap; you can't go wrong. It's also easy to remove!

My Favorite Eyeliner Ever!!!

This eyeliner is the best one I have ever used!! It's super easy to apply, long lasting, highly pigmented, easy to wash off during makeup removal time, and it costs $1! Can't beat that!

It does what it's suppose to do but it doesn't stay on for long time. I had to reapply it a few times in the day. I was out of town and I somehow lost my eyeliner. I needed eyeliner so bad. I was a the Dollar Tree with my mom and I saw that this was only a dollar, so i automated amused that it wasn't good. But it actually okay.

  • Black
  • Black

It glides on super easy and its so cheap the only flaw is you have to go over it a few times to get the perfect black. I love this liquid eyeliner!

Wasn't surprised as I knew what to expect

When these were super popular I wasn't that interested. When I did a Dollar General haul awhile back and noticed they had a ton of ELF, including this, I figured the makeup gods wanted me to get it. As everyone has said you can't always get a fully pigmented line, the brush is a little flimsy/not precise (and for some frayed out a bit) but I am willing to deal as I already have a great liquid liner- Prestige liquid liner in black. I chose a brown shade in case I wanted a more subtle cat eye. And its actually great for that. When you want a cat eye, but not in black, it looks beautiful, and its great to just add definition to the lashline if you were doing a brown smokey eye. I recently lined my inner eye with Coffee and my outer/wing with a black liner to create a subtle, two-toned effect, although it didn't really register as anything other than a cat eye. So, while it is a little sub-par and not something I'll use all the time, I do believe a brown liquid liner is a must in any kit/collection. (And I needed a new one, since my other brown l.l. had expired).

I have grown to love this liquid liner not more than my Kiss pen liner though that is to die for. I have found out that I cannot wear this without having on eyeshadow this on a naked eye with just smudge off even though it says it doesnt smudge it does on me but hey I will repurchase if I cant get to my Kiss liner again. Its only a dollar who could beat that! I love liquid liner!

Favorite Liquid Black Eyeliner

The black eyeliner is the only liquid eyeliner i use! I love the new tip because it's thinner. It might be flimsier than the previous one but i can make a thinner line. I would say it takes tie to use any kind of liquid eyeliner tip because everyone has a different one. I have tried other colors and i did not like them as much as the black. A few years back i bought a plum and ash one and it just had this RANCID smell about it so i had to throw it out. I did contact customer service and they took care of me and sent me a new one which didn't smell. It was strange. Overall, I love it and would recommend it to everyone who wants a fantastic eyeliner!