Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer


I have really bad acne and I tried this. Didn't help. There was times I almost thought it was making my skin worse. Tried the whole line, and as a person with really extremely bad skin this stuff wasn't my cup of teach

Not so bad!

I like that it clears while it conceals, however my skin is so fair that when I wear it, I get yellow-y spots where I put the concealer on, and no matter how much I blend, I'm still yellow! I was recommended the shade by someone at Clinique; I'm not sure if maybe she gave me the wrong shade. But you need to wear it every day to see clearing results, it won't happen in just a few hours.

Really does heal

I love this because you can conceal while you heal. It works great and doesn't look heavy. It blends in with your foundation. I will continue to purchase this.

Small tube, big deal

I got a sample of this from Sephora about a year ago and it is amazing. I'm really pale, so when my skin breaks out, the redness of pimples that I have is horrible. This hides them (mostly) and really does help clear up my acne. The only complaint that I really have is that it you really need to blend it well, even a small amount, because you'll look like you're turning into a zombie if you don't. It gets my approval.

What an awsome concealer with great benefits! It dosn't just hide pimples, it helps make them go away! A great combination I must say, it covers nice and really shrinks your blemish until it's gone :)