Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color


Oh! New addiction! I am pleasantly surprised by this lipstick!! So soft... So surprisingly long lasting for a non-long lasting lipstick! I bought it because the colour was exactly what I was looking for: a colour to wear always. My only regret is NOT getting the cherry red colour I tested as well!! Colour matches my skin tone.It's matte without looking dry. Boyfriend tested it as well: it's kiss proof.


OMG The most gorgeous shade by Chanel. Nothing negative can be said about Chanel lipsticks. Colour pay off is amazing. own 50 of them. Coco can be a tad drying but you either go for pigmentation or moisture and i choose the former every time, moisturising lipsticks fade and also wear down quickly. Chanel lipsticks last ages.

I love this color and it makes my lips feel really soft . It has a wonderful moisturizer. Great for Houston's weather It also has a great pigment. Love Chanel's Lipsticks

Ooooh Gabriell-e!!!

I loooove her and a few more colors of Chanels oh so wonder4ul rouges!!! They are a bit pricey...esp where I live but.. Anyways...When I put this on it makes me feel like...well Coco Chanel herself. Every woman needs a chanel lipstick in her collection.... Hydrating...beautiful...all while making me feel...Well Chanelish

The best lipstick I ever bought! I love how the color compliments and how creamy it is. Been patient in looking for the best lipstick for me but I'm glad I did otherwise wouldn't have found this gem.

Not just for moms!

I just bought my mom 2 new sets of Chanel's Rouge line lipsticks - one for day and one for event/evening. She needs a more hydrating lipstick IMO so we're going to give this line a try. I've found that Chanel's lipstick to be very moisturizing and I actually prefer them for the upcoming windy (read: drying) weather to add some extra moisturizing while still having a nice rich pigment.

I bought like 4 lipsticks cuz i loved the color but cant say i really love the lipstick. dont think i will buy chanel lipstick again. its a bit flaky. i like dior and guerlain more