Levres Scintillantes Glossimer


wonderful, bright color

I love Glossimers and treat myself to a new one each birthday. They feel wonderful, are very pigmented, and look great on. Not sticky and glide on smoothly. They are definitely more than other lip glosses but the glosses are worth the splurge.

I got this as a present. The color is gorgeous but the speckles of glitter I'm not a huge fan of. It dried out my lips. I dab it lightly on my lips above a ton of lip balm.


I have three of these. No.44,104,119. The have a lovely smooth, non sticky consistency and I love them. The pigmentation is great and these have a gorgeous shimmery, soft finish. Plus, they have an amazing array of colours! I really recommend them, as much as I love mac glosses, they do tend to get a bit sticky after a while, but these stay in perfect condition. Well worth the price, I also love the pretty, classic packaging :)

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New shades in the Glossimer line

I received a sample of Amour, one of six new shades in the Glossimer category that were released this spring. The color in the tube is a peachy-coral with some glitter. I loved how it looked in the tube, especially the cute little size. I was a little disappointed when I put it on. The color payoff was much more sheer than what you see in the tube. However, it is still a pretty sheer coral with a nice sparkle and is perfect to layer over lipstick or for a soft look. The gloss did feel comfortable on my lips and did not have that gritty feel that some glitter can have. Overall, I don't think I would purchase the full size, it just isn't special enough to make the $30 investment. I'm sure there is a less expensive dupe out there.

Personally i dont like this lipgloss. I think the best from CHANEL is Allure. The packaging of Glossimer is quite dissapointing cuz after some time this gloss is coming out of the bottle and it happened to all glossimers i used

Good Gloss

My mom is obsessed with these glosses. She swears by them and I do love them myself as well. They are perfect layered on top of any lipstick as well as just a shimmering tint on your bare lips. They're not too sticky and they feel great. A great product by Chanel and the colors are beautiful as well.


this is my faveorite lip gloss i feel so girly . i love it . i love the way it shimmers on my lips!!! its about $30 but supa cute

Favorite gloss!!

This is the best lip gloss i have ever used. for almost $30 it should be! haha. I was one of the first to get their spring color Petit Peche and fell in love. Its not too bright, not too shimmery, and not the least bit sticky. Worth the money for sure!!

My favorite gloss of all time!

This is the best lipgloss on the planet. My mom has even become a devoted junkie! This gloss goes on smooth and shimmery, lasts for a long time compared to other glosses, and does not feel sticky or gloopy whatsoever. I keep buying new glosses but I always go back to this one. I usually wear bold eye makeup with a more sheer color on my lips, so this is perfect. My favorite shades are Constellation, Coral Love, and Mica.

Hopelessly devoted

I love this product so much that I've been a devoted user for over 10 years. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! The only downside is they discontinued one of my favorite colors and I have been on the hunt for something close but never hits the mark!