Anna Sui

Nail Color N



Purchased for the packaging alone but was happily surprised by more

I love Anna Sui. Her packaging is gorgeous and she makes fabulous products. But I'll admit it - there are plenty nail polishes out there and it may have been the phenomenal packaging that initially sold me. However, I must say that the product itself is amazing as well. Just like the description says, the color appears JUST like it does inside the bottle - no surprises, no applying layer after layer that's just going to chip and peel off in a day... It applies gorgeous and buttery and smells like roses. No really...not just for a few hours...for the entire time you wear it. Although, I should re-think how it looks when I am in public SMELLING my fingers. :/


I loved this! The packaging is ADORABLE! And I love nail polish this was absolutely wonderful! It stayed on but not forever and was beautiful! I usually hate my finger nails so I paint them but this made me love them! I always want more and more!

Girly Princess Pink

Wow I did these on my hands and I am impressed. Anna Sui made a very girly, very princess pink that doesn't look awful on grown-up hands. The shimmer doesn't show very much. The formula is a wee bit thin but builds up nicely as a two coat polish. The rose smell is amazing after your hands are treated to dish washing soap all of the time. You feel like you're putting flowers on your fingernails. The smell does go away.

Super pretty!

I love the Anna Sui packaging, but tried the color because I had a dying manicure that needed a quick revival. Since this is a light shade, I thought it would be like using an almost-nude color with some sparkle. I was (pleasantly) surprised! It goes on low-key, but when it dries you can see the white frostiness very clearly and the sparkles give it a nice shine. The texture of the polish itself is almost like a pearl. It's a great way to have a quiet nail look that has something special about it. It's a perfect ice princess color!

The Cutest Nail Polish!

I purchased the '306' Anna Sui nail polish and the color looks exactly how it's shown in the photos. This glittery pink/coral shade is my go-to color for spring and summer. All of my Anna Sui nail polishes consistently had great quality and the formula allows you to apply smooth, thin coats that provide great coverage. I never needed to apply more than two coats with Anna Sui polishes for a full coverage (even with the 082 all glitter color!). They also all smell amazing, definitely unlike any other nail polishes I've tried. Well worth adding these adorable polishes to your collection.

I love my nails!

I must admit, products from Anna Sui is absolutely amazing. Unlike other brands, it does not require you to double-coat it. This nail polish has a really tingly flowery scent and as a flower lover, I can not help myself but just fall in love with my nails. I'm a pianist and few days ago, I performed with this nail polish on. I think I got more applause on nails than my performance haha. Packaging is also great with great value. The only con will be once you try this nail polish, you can't even buy other polishes because you just love this one so much. 10/10 would definitely buy it again. Love it ! Xoxo


I love this nail polish!!! Recently I have been obsessed with nail polishes, and this one is by far one of my favorites. I have it in the shade N325, and it is a beautiful bright, creamy corally pink that is perfect for the summer. It goes on very smoothly and is true to color, which I love because it looks just as gorgeous on your nails as it does in the bottle! I'm in love with the packaging, too- it's so fancy! The packaging plays a huge part in what I like about a product, so I love this polish even more. If you are looking for a perfect summer nail polish that is true to color and not goopy, this is for you!!

This color has always been my favorite. It looks amazing when you apply it and also it goes with any dress or any color dress you wear. Go for it!!

Lovely polish!

The beautiful packaging was the first thing I immediately loved -- so unique! I did have to apply two coats though because one was just too thin/streaky. The smell was really cool, because even in the bottle it doesn't smell as potent as other polishes do (so my boyfriend didn't complain), and it really does smell like roses once it starts to dry. How on earth do they do that? I'm not really sure if the smell and the packaging make it worth $15 (plus about $5 S&H... $20 total for a nail polish!), but since I got this with my $10 credit I got for joining Beautylish, it was only $10. I don't feel so guilty about buying it because of that.


I purchased N100, N208, & N304 and I love all three. I plan on purchasing all the colors in the near future. It is very girly nail polish, my favorite is N304 because it is the perfect color pink. I didn't find this as a negative because I love it anyways, however N100 appears a bit blueish in photos, & it is seafoam green. Like I said, that's not a problem for me personally but if you're looking for a light blue, N100 isn't for you. I did use a top coat just out of habit but the only color that needed top coat was N208. The smell is very subtle and it does eventually fade away. Overall I love this nail polish and I will be purchasing more.